Monday, February 27, 2012

The Politics of Looting

The rioters and looters last summer were pitiable amateurs.To see how the profesionals do it we need to go to the political classes all across the Western world.These people have perfected their craft over centuries,they know how to loot wholesale,theirs is a sophisticated and powerfull bureaucracy of looting via taxation and they have brainwashed the masses into thinking this is a)moral and b) inevitable when it is of course neither.It is a confidence trick and they are well versed in it,and use the whole panoply of the coercive State to intimidate the people with threats of inprisonment if they dare to resist their parasitic claim on their life and substance through taxation.The pathetic figleaf of rationale they employ to justify this legal plunder is nothing more than the miserable canard of altruism, the squalid anti-life philosophy of self-sacrifice where the competent achievers are enjoined to sacrifice themselves to the incompetent non achievers through 'progressive' taxation.Taxation is the use of agression by the state on a disarmed populace.If we apprehend a burglar in our house we can use force against him,likewise if the State initiates force and violence against the individual via taxation then the individual has a right to defend himself against such depredations.That established need now only discuss the means that should be employed to defend ourselves against the predatory State.