Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sociopath in waiting

It has been said that the people get the kind of government they deserve so I suppose we should not be too sorry for Americans who are about to get the biggest screwing of their lives and indeed in all of their chequered history. But what an embarrassment the man is, one devoid of all sensibilities, sense of decency and propriety,  without an ironic bone in his body, a man who no one has clearly ever told that self praise is no recommendation, a man who has clearly had a self awareness bypass operation, is amoral,ethically delinquent,financially and politically compromised,clearly in the pockets of the Kremlin with practically  'impeach me' written on his forehead, a man who makes Richard Nixon seem like a straight talking guy, a sexual predator who makes Clinton seem like a man of sexual probity, an ignoramus,  militantly uneducated and who talks like the third rate huckster he clearly is,delusional,borderline sociopathic, paranoid, hair trigger tempered, mentally unstable, a pathological liar, a fantasist, a thin skinned narcissist, a socialist in Republican clothing but with fascistic tendencies that will no doubt take America down a very dark and scary place from which it may struggle to ever extricate itself. As goes America,so goes the world. The nightmare is about to be inaugurated,be very, very afraid.

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