Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to Win the War

As we go stumbling towards yet another doomed incoherent range of the moment military misadventure this time in Syria it is time to pause and ask ourselves why the greatest military might in human history has not been able to defeat a rag tag motley crew of inept amateur primitive barbarian cave dwelling troglodytes with feeble weapons who with concerted focused effort could have been defeated in weeks by the western powers or America alone.So what has held this behemoth back and prevented it from squashing this insignificant Islamic insect? We have to go not to the military textbooks but rather the philosophical ones for our answer.

It is our unspoken philosophy and ideology that has failed us and robbed us of our ability to identify and name the enemy and then destroy it mercilessly and ruthlessly.Our enemies are not primarily Islam and its evil applications as framed by the Jihadist Wahabee death cultists but our inadequate confrontation with their ideology and our refusal to name the enemy and combat it .We have been disarmed by a self negating self crippling culture seeded and grown in our universities and places of learning by the commanding heights of our intellectuals who have robbed us of our ability to judge objectively between good and evil through such excrescences as moral relativism,multiculturalism and political correctness from this self loathing cabal of the Marxist liberal elite.

How can an extreme literalist interpretation of Koranic scripture be confronted by a western culture still benighted by its own adherence to an equally backward barbaric  judeo Christian culture with its self sacrificing self immolating altruistic memes sharing  the self same identical philosophical roots of mysticism with its hostility to reason,individualism and proud self assertion?We do not seek to destroy the enemy but stroke it with food parcels and democracy.Hence our inability to destroy a pathetic enemy that only waxes strong because of our weakness,immorality and capitulation to it.

Let us not go to war until we have understood all the above as it will only be handing another victory to the moral pygmies we have by default turned into invincible indomitable giants.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Roymaster watch

 Roy Masters makes great play of the supposed distinction between him and organized religion but as stated in a previous post this is a bogus distinction.All religions extract monies from their followers using the age old technique of guilt manipulation.Masters has spent his career of evil doing just this, panhandling on the radio.He derides the denizens of stained glass windows,claiming the FHU is not a church but this plainly false.The airwaves are his church for you can only cram so many suckers into a physical church but with the boundless reach of the ether you can draw people in from far and wide.

There are numerous example of religious hucksters in the land of non state religion that is America and they invariably begin by dabbling in hypnosis,conjuring tricks and hypnosis, for sleight of hand is their craft and this is how they cut their teeth in the crude trade of deception and prestidigitation.In this Masters is no exception and he also possesses the art of voice throwing ventriloquism which I witnessed first hand at a seminar he gave in France in the late 80's.What better preparation and forcing ground for the greater fakery of religious hucksterism.

Religion, the greatest man made evil of all

Those who lie for a living are committing fraud and should be subject to the gravest censure.Such are the peddlars of faith down the ages and they ply their wicked evil trade to this day.Some seek to differentiate between church religion and Christianity but this is a bogus distinction for it is not the stained glass windows,incense and general priestcraft which is the greatest evil but the very message of Christianity itself with its life negating man negating misanthropic world view that stifles human flourishing,stunts young minds and paralyses them with fear and self loathing.

What is the greatest threat to religion and the purveyors of faith?The unaided human intellect. It is the greatest foe and enemy of revealed truth.The intellect must be trashed,defamed,negated,discredited for it is the one thing that stands between the religious and their goal -an iron clad totalitarian grip over the minds of their victims who are robbed of the only tool that will enable them to independently evaluate and assess the ridiculous and fantastic claims of its votaries.The application of the intellect will turn a harsh and unforgiving searchlight on the claims of religion and this it cannot withstand.Its absurd assertions,arbitrary constructions,fantastic claims will crumble like pie crust when subjected to the vigorous analysis of free enquiry.

The religious are right to fear the intellect for they sense it will spell the end of their misrule down the centuries,their abuse of power,their tyranny their hateful ministrations their lyying mendacious sway,the hypnotic thrall they have subjugated their victims under for so long, all of this is threatened by the steady gaze of a critical unfettered mind.

Consider the state of mind the advocates of faith wish to induce: blind, craven,accepting,acquiescing unquestioning enslavement to religious authority,the acceptance of unearned guilt,endless supplication to an unseen arbitrary authority,endless but hopeless propitiations,groveling,fear, self doubt. Thus it can be truly seen how religion was the first totalitarian human construct from which all the later nihilistic twentieth century secular ones were forged.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Burblings from the Beyond - Masterswatch

Watching David Masters son of Roy telling his very small audience of hillbillies at the ranch that eternity begins before we are born  I was asking myself why I ever gave this unconscionable Masters tosh a moments consideration.He went on to say that when humans are born they cling to this earth like a baby monkey clings to its mother's back and draw from it parasitically -but not in a bad way he added emolliently - as if there was a parasitism that was not bad.After he uttered this great statement he looked at his audience and said disturbing eh? There it was, the eureka moment.

Attacking human beings at the very core of their integrity,undercutting their autonomy and efficacy and ability to know and comprehend the universe and act within it, obeying its inexorable metaphysical laws to grow succeed flourish and prosper - all these things are attacked and assaulted by such mystical babblings and unfounded insupportable assertions exampled above by David Masters and that assault is clearly deliberate and intentional which makes it unconscionably wicked and evil.Looking at his audience and saying disturbing eh it is clear the intention is to unseat mankind,sow doubt as to his ability to live on this earth,alienate him from his self esteem and turn him into a miserable worm of self doubt,loathing and failure.To make a living doing that is the parasitism of all parasitisms,a career of unconscionable evil.

And pause finally to consider the pure hatred of mankind and this earth that Masters evidences in his comments about man clinging to this earth like a monkey to the back of its mother.To see earth as his only home,to work and draw sustenance from its raw materials,to fashion an existence for himself by the fruits of his labour -all these things are evil.What man should do instead is sit in a cave,look within and listen to the divine burblings from the beyond,to stagnate vegetate and worship a supernatural entity from another dimension and only so doing will he contemplate his nothingness and contemptibleness -and whilst he is doing that he can support the foundation of human understanding with his tax deductible contributions.Does it not want to make you vomit gentle reader?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Roy Master'sWatch

Those familiar with the film Wizard of Oz will remember the unmasking of the latter who throughout the film is portrayed as a disembodied God like figure who terrorizes all with his imperious power.The screen is pulled aside and a little man with a megaphone is revealed.I am reminded of this when thinking of Roy Masters the radio guru of Grants Pass.He may appear tough and uncompromising in his own thiefdom on the radio but when subject to criticism on neutral territory is thin skinned and highly defensive.Although he makes great play of welcoming any criticism on his programme whenever anyone takes him up on the challenge he is quick to cut them off if they start to encroach on his carefully constructed persona of perfection.

In a studio debate he receives a mauling from a articulate critic who specialises in unmasking cults and exposing them.Masters accuses him of being a parasite.According to him all writers journalists and critics are parasites because they do not forge continents but merely write about those who do and by some insinuation appropriate the achievements of the men of action.This is debatable as those who seek to rule over us do need scrutiny and without a free press we would live in North Korea which is probably what Masters would favour where no light of scrutiny is ever shone on the powerful.But the main charge here is parasitism so let us look at Masters and see if he is guilty of such a charge.

His name was Obermeister and he changed it to Masters.A steal one could say.His prog was called How your Mind Can Keep you Well -a direct lift by his own admission from a Reader's Digest article.He quotes liberally from others rarely attributing the source.He uses an ancient Jewish technique called dovening which involved the strapping of a box onto the forehead as a concentration prayer aid which he adapted for his meditation technique of bringing attention to the forehead.And he uses the Bible as his source so it is hard to see how anything of Roy Masters is other than stolen  and plagiarized which is the very essence and definition of parasitism.

Friday, November 20, 2015

War Against Aetheism

There has been a push back against the atheist movement  recently and it takes an unsurprisingly low and dishonest form.The main offender in this area is Peter Hitchens.Refusing to honestly debate the issue at hand for the reasons I give below he invariably resorts to abusing his atheist opponents,ascribing base motives to them and accusing them of being full of rage.Well if one is confronted by a system of belief that has for thousands of years held people in thrall,made their lives miserable and full of fear,tormented them with visions of hell, destroying the lives of countless generations would rage not be an appropriate response?

Rather than address the issues Peter Hitchens prefers to abuse atheists accusing them of wanting to unleash sex drugs and rockn roll on the younger generation and producing a violent anarchic society driven by whim worshipping subjectivistic hedonists.They are, furthermore, adults acting out adolescent rebellion for atheism is nothing more than youthful rebellion against authority.Thus is mindless reductionism substituted for honest debate.

Religious Watch

A common practice among  religious pundits is to always start in the middle and skate over first principles.It works like this.Never prove the existence of God but start every conversation as if the latter is already an established fact.This was never better exemplified by the Jehovas Witness who knocked on my door one day and used as his opening gambit the following question:  'what do you think Jesus would make of the state of the world today'? Whoa, hold on one cotton picking moment -you haven't even prove to me the existence of this Christ of yours -how dishonest is that?!

Of course dishonesty and sleight of hand is the sine qua non of the religious,their bizarre beliefs will bear no close scrutiny.With a combination of bluster,intimidation,bullying and complete disregard for logic and reason they will go on the defensive if confronted and soon begin imputing base motives to the unbeliever.In the absence of any proof for their ridiculous beliefs what else can they do?

Roy Masters Watch

In a video I was sent recently the guru Roy Masters  was excoriating in front of a small audience Americans for not doing real jobs.Everyone is selling shoes instead of doing a real job out in the field.Hang on a minute.Do not the sons of Masters do just that -sell cars and houses and ditto his daughter who is always selling something or other.And what about the great Masters himself -when did he last do a 'real' job?For over sixty years he has spent his time flapping his lips and panhandling on the radio.Or perhaps it is only the lower orders who should be out in the field and not the self elected elite who have a vocation to save souls?

Does not all of this have a ring of familiarity to it? Mao's great leap forward drove all the intellectuals out of the city and forced them into manual agricultural labour.Milions died.Pol pot did a re run in Cambodia with the same cataclysmic results.

In another equally absurd video Masters is seen terrifying his audience with tales about an electromagnetic pulse which could be unleashed by terrorists which could take out the whole grid and plunge American into a pre industrial abyss.What's the problem with that -after all Masters advocates a return to nature,toiling in the fields - what's not to like?

There is something profoundly immoral about a person making a living lying to people and concocting stories about what will happen to them if they do not fall in line and worship a supernatural entity from another dimension.It is pure wickedness and evil.Master's career of evil has gone unchecked for half a century and he is very careful not to subject himself to any external independent scrutiny but rather favours surrounding himself with hapless saps,psychotics who will swallow his pearls of wisdom uncritically.Fortunately he only has a small audience and very little influence but it is a sad testimony to Americans that even a small number of people could fall for this obvious charlatan and fake.