Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Roy Masters urges his radio audience to listen to him and let his words 'go in one ear and out the other'. Why would he do this? He does not like people who listen to the program 'just to find fault'.What better way to guard against this danger by everyone hearing what he says but not retaining any of it- how can they then criticise or appraise anything he says.The state he wishes to induce in his audience is an alzheimic one.Those who suffer from this appalling condition are notoriously vulnerable to conmen who can rob them of their savings. Master is a spiritual conman who will first rob his listeners of their critical faculties by fostering an alzheimic state in them and then implant his suggestions in their minds and thus gain total ascendancy over them. Is this not the very essence and distillation of wickedness gentle readers?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Floods be damned

If someone is the victim of misfortune that is sad but it should not be a claim on the lives of others.Floods,fire etc are acts of nature God or whatever but the victims of such  should not be compensated by the state with stolen tax payers money.If people want to give voluntarily fine but they should not be made to by the state.Government loves to extend its powers and tentacles int every nook of life and will use any excuse or pretext to expand its powers,but such power grabs should be resisted at all costs or the price to pay will be the loss individual rights and liberty itself.


The Roy Masters line on human behaviour is: its not your fault! Sin has made a home in you.So if someone rapes one of his grand daughters would he take that line,when the assailant gave his defence as I could not help myself gov would Masters  shrug and say ok then, off you go?It is the ultimate get out of jail free card, a complete abdication of personal responsibility, a denial of self rule and autonomy.He then goes on to say all man made objects are really made by God -You did not build that! It all sounds like the kind of thing a certain president has been saying does it not?

He quotes St Paul approvingly when he whined: 'the things I want to do I do not, and the things I do not want to do I do'. Bollocks!We can control our actions,we can over ride bad impulses,we can observe and analyse our thoughts and choose whether to act upon them or not in accordance with our value system which it is our responsibility to formulate with scrupulous attention to any posible contradictions irrationality,inconsistencies evasions,wishful thinking etc.To deny this and say we are creatures devoid of the powers of volition is to reduce us to helpless hapless vessels of unseen powers driving our actions,buffeted by every vicissitude of life with no free will,victims of an arbitrary malevolent universe, an acted through vassal of circumstance, governed by dark supernatural powers.This is the worst sort of rationalization overglossed with mystical apologetics, in short a justification for moral depravity.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


I have been criticised for dwelling too long on the subject of Roy Masters the crude unlettered untutored boastful vulgarian bore but because I was for not an inconsiderable time taken in by this malevolent buffoon and fraudster I feel I have not quite finished with Roy yet especially as he is the gift that keeps on giving as every time he opens his big fat mouth another stream of absurdities flows out from it like an unstoppable sewer and in the interests of mental health I feel almost duty bound to expose this ridiculous mountebank and wittering incubus.

In one video I saw that lasted 90 minutes but seemed like an eternity the jokester was telling his ever dwindling audience of saps that our thoughts are not our own,women are infected with a sin virus that infects all who come in contact with them, all what we think misguidedly as the achievements of man are actually the creations of God in the form of intuition,God created windscreen wipers and the universe because he is a magician,man has no will,no autonomy.And every absurd utterance is delivered in a matter of fact voice as if it were the most obvious observation that only a fool could gainsay.Here we see the power of the con artist,the confidence trickster who can utter the most bizarre off the wall fantastic statements with such supreme confidence almost daring his listeners to demur.In Roy Masters crazy world any statement is true by virtue of the fact he has uttered it,not a scintilla of evidence is ever provided.An assertion is a fact.

Now it is true that Masters has a very small tiny audience,he is not nationally known and so he goes under the radar.Most who hear him dismiss him instantly as the lying charlatan that he is so he never gets the mauling in the press that he would get were he to achieve greater notoriety.This is all to the good and testimony to the intelligence of the American people.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Religion's last stand

When religion had the upper hand scientists were persecuted and killed for challenging faith based explanations for human existence.Now religion has been de fanged it seeks to appropriate the findings of science and co opt them for its own nefarious ends.God we are now told is responsible for evolution and one idiot called Roy Masters has even written a book entitled Finding God through Physics which completely negates faith itself for if one can find God through the application of reason via the intellect wither faith?

Sensing the weakness of the argument from faith the religionists seek to bolster their hold on people by claiming faith is supported by science which it patently is not.Once people see though this desperate attempt by the religionists to hold on to the remnants of power and influence they will reject them completely and men will be free from superstition and its corrupting  debilitating power over the human race.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


When you believe in bizarre supernatural entities it it enables you to come out with absurdities such as the following from David idiot son of Roy Masters, to paraphrase: most of our thoughts come from outside our brains. What is this crazed need to subvert and devalue the human mind that all religious people exhibit whilst using that very organ to do it?As I have said before the human mind unfettered by superstition is the greatest threat to religious hucksters and it must be trashed and reduced to an ineffectual unreliable human appendage.The the victim is then ripe for all sorts of mystical mush fed to him by the gurus of the irrational.

But pause to contemplate the arrogance,the disregard for reason and reality that this excercise involves.It is all predicated on the unchallenged unqualified assertion that God exists,the bible is true and none of this needs to be proven but just asserted with an air of authority as if one were stating something so obvious that no explanation is necessary or required and indeed if anyone dare question the sartorial credentials of the naked emperor he will undoubtedly be met with lofty derision and ad hominem rebuff and dismissed as an intellectual full of rage.The best thing to do with con artists is laugh at them but alas the damage they do  is no laughing matter. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Religious Psychosis

Are you hallucinating,seeing visions,hearing voices, believe you are in contact with a supernatural entity from another dimension, believe tales of magic,miracles,people coming back from the dead etc etc? You are probably suffering from mental illness commonly known as faith.Get help instead of seeking to silence those who tell you you are ill and mentally deranged.Herein endeth the lesson for the day.

Friday, December 04, 2015

No Place Like Om

Eschewing the plodding certitudes of western monotheism many turn to eastern mysticism for exotic uplift and nirvanic promise, employing meditation techniques to reach their goal of self realisation but what is the endgame of such pursuit and the consequences for the human mind?The Be Here Now culture of hippie escapdom is the attainment of a self imposed tyranny of the now.The whole of Western Civilization is based on the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom over the centuries but this is all wiped out if the human mind is focused on an eternal now.No planning,no goals,no achievement,no accomplishment is possible,indeed the very concept of thought itself is eliminated as the sole purpose of meditation is the complete destruction of the conceptual cognitive process itself.The painstaking accumulation of broad abstractions, integration into yet broader abstractions,none of this is possible in the eternal present.

New age mysticism and its mind obliterating meditation is the antithesis of western civilization and the pronouncements from the oracles of this anti mind school of non thought is as cravenly inane as to be expected from such anti rational self lobotimised  mystics.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Phoney Wars

Of course anything that helps to destroy the Labour party is a good thing but on the issue of war and free votes Corbyn must be right in arguing for cabinet responsibility and unity and having a whipped decision for on such a major issue of principle whether to engage in war or not the public have a right to know where a party stands on such things before they vote for it and to leave it to individual choice of party members is an abdication of responsibility, a cop out and moral funk.

If there is no party line on issues of principles a political party has no reason for its existence.The opposition to war in this case is largely opportunistic rather than principle and all those in Labour who are in favour of military intervention should leave the party and not be a part of it  when their leader is opposed to war but their desire to hold office has trumped any position of principle.They wish to have their cake and eat it too.

Meanwhile as I have said before re war we have lost the ability to win wars so we should not be involved in any more doomed ventures until we re learn the moral philosophical ideological principles that should govern our actions in such matters.