Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Christmas Carol is the most evil book ever written

Forget Das Kapital or even Ragged Trousered Philanthropist my nomination for most evil book ever written has to be Dicken's A Christmas carol as it smuggles across the most evil idea under cover of benign sentimentality and sachyremous dripping syrup that beguiles and disarms the reader getting in under the radar to plant its insidious message that the individual exists purely to serve the needs of others,that self sacrifice is a moral creed rather than a pernicious evil,that Capitalism is souless near criminal system that crushes the poor and exploits them.It has done far more damage to the culture than Das Kapitol ever has as no one has read the darn thing with its turgid impenetrable dry as dust incoherence.The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist pernicious and wrong headed as it obviously is is so clearly didactic polemic dressed as a novel that anyone can see right through it.No,for sheer unadulterated evil Dickens diatribe against the individual and capitalism is the most toxic and mendacious piece of work ever committed to print.

Bitcoin and the slow death of Statism

It may be the canary in the mine today but I believe the emergence of bitcoin into the cybersphere will herald the albeit slow tortuous death of the mixed economy and statism.It is the Western Spring many of us have been looking for the longest time.Just as internet has broken the spine of the MSM Bitcoin will do the same for the politicos with their born to rule arrogance and collectivist hegeMoney.The brilliant Max Keiser has to get kudos for trumpeting the birth of this monster even if his analysis of the present calamitous state of affairs is somewhat off target at times with his incessant bank scapegoating when the true villain is clearly the State and the irreconciliable contradictions inherent in the global mixed economies.'14 will see us living in very interesting times indeed.Happy new year to all my er, fictitious readers (lol,sigh.)

World's Religions: Barren,Cesspits and Wastelands of Moral and Intellectual Depravity

O dear.Can anyone listen to the burblings of church leaders across the theological divides and feel anything other than nausea and disgust? Take a look across the globe at nations who hold to religious pieties and witness the destruction and devastation of all human values and aspirations in those countries.Witness the moral wastelands of the Middle East with one bright spark and exception of Israel,an oasis in a desert of moral intellectual bankruptcy.Listen if you can to the hypocritical creep Welby with his socialist nostrums of fairness and ethics when he is up to his neck in financial entanglements with the evil market and then wonder why the church pews are as empty as as the vacuous witterings of Welby and his cohorts in the morribund church of England with its liberal secular obsessions in a spiritual wasteland.

Ha Ha Mr Cameron,Ha ha Mr Clegg

Mr billionaire Hargreaves says that UK businesses should pay no taxes in Daily Mail today which is what er I have been saying for quite some time.It would make the UK the richest Capitalist nation of the world,wipe out unemployment practically overnight and start a global revolution to the sunny uplands of freedom liberty and prosperity.We have a dream but the powers that be have us in a permanent nightmare of a mixed economy madness re taxation, command control,top down Marxoidal centralist,bureaucratic Kafkaesque trickle up voodoo economics. The bonds of fiscal servitude should be broken and a tax revolution set in train.Hargreaves for PM I say.My last two postings have been blocked so maybe third time lucky or I shall conclude that I have been permanently excommunicated lol?(Happy new year!)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Nigel Farage: NO!

What possessed him to make such an asinine statement that we should take in Syrian refugees -does he have a political death wish? The UK is giving £500 million to Syria which it has no business giving.Not a penny should we give and not a single refugee take in.If we dismantle the welfare system then we can have open borders to the world but not before.

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the political wind blows

It is a sign of the insane times we live that one has to even say this but hey ho: the human consequences of the weather,natural disasters and so called acts of God are not and should never under any conceivable circumstances be the domain of the State to rectify,ameliorate compensate and generally meddle in on baseless grounds of humanitarianism and collective responsibility and all the other fraudulent liberal rationalisations for State intervention via of course the hapless taxpayers.How politicians love to reinforce the largely subliminal narrative that they are indeed invested with God like powers to tame nature and save us poor helpless humans from all the happenstances and vicissitudes of existence!How they love to be on the scene of some emergency like ambulance chasing ghouls feeding on the misery of the victims,promising them largesse made of course at no expense to themselves.But there is a danger to all of this cynical opportunism and politics by emote as Cameron found out to his embarrassment this weekend when a hapless angry resident without power for a week confronted him angrily over the local authorities supposed tardiness at restoring power.She indeed had been schooled in the 'politicans as God' meme and it came back with a vengeance to bite the ridiculous Cameron on the butt.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Izlam is incompatible with Liberal Western Values

This is palpably the case and begs the question should Izlam be tolerated in the West and given any sanction? There is no moderate Izlam,it is a political project,politcs and relgion are one in Izlam,indivisible and is a mongrelized debased corupted plagiarised chritianity shorn of all its humanity and spirituality.It is in effect a cult albeit a two thousand year old one give or take a few.It should never have been allowed to take root like a cancerous toxic parasitic bacillus in the West to corrupt corrode and subvert liberal values with its totalitarian thecratic anti human savage bestial barbaric nihilistic ideology of death worship

Cocaine all around her brain

The Nigella in the woodpile is that the domestic Godess has been partaking of a drug which is supposed to be harmful but does not seem to have taken the edge off her brilliance or beauty but whatever the case we really should grow up and stop persecuting people because of what they chose to put into their bodies and recognise that under liberty people are indeed, or should be, free to go to hell in a handcart if they wish and it is not the role of the State to police what they freely choose as adults to ingest.This is not in anyway to endorse the self destructive act of drug taking but rather to uphold the precious principles of liberty and individual rights without which we are little more than slaves to the state with Orwellian powers to punish us for our personal choices and Big brother us to within an inch of our lives.Freedom and liberty actually means allowing people to do things of which we may profoundly disapprove but it is a price worth paying.The alternative is far far worse.

Winds of Change?

Could there be a UK Spring?People are beginning to give two jeers for Democracy,realising somewhat belatedly that it is a bill of goods and poses a very real threat to their freedom liberty and life choices.Why for instance should a good education depend on the vagaries of one's postcode rather than a proliferation of good schools to chose from which would be the case in a free society? Why should the government decide what sort of healthcare is available making a visit to the hospital only slightly less dangerous than a game of Russian roulette?Why do we have to pay the government a licence just to watch TV -are we in North Korea or Cuba?Democracy gives each man the right to be his next door neighbour's dictator,it does not do what it says on the label and rather than seeking to export it to benighted Middle East hell holes we should take a good hard look in the mirror of democracy and recognise the ugly pinched quasi totalitarian construct that is and reject it.What would it be replaced with you ask?! Capitalism of course,unregulated,laissez faire.Not overnight but over a ten fifteen year period of transition.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The State of the nation

The firemen were on strike.I tried to go to the chemist on a weekday but it was closed because it was one o clock despite the fact that all the other shops in town remained open.When I pointed this out to the departing staff and inquired why this was so the fat one replied surlily that 'we have to have lunch'.I resisted the temptation of saying you look like you could do without lunch today and probably quite a few other days as well.Then when I went to the job centre to use the computer for job search I was told it closes at one pm and all the staff decant to the next town five miles away for some obscure reason and at this point I started to see a pattern to all of this, a common denominator and it is this: all these lazy poor service institutions are run by the State.The people who work in them (and I use that word advisedly) do not see what they do as a service to the public but rather as a facilitator to their own ends of having a job and consequently no care or heed of the latter is part of their thinking or mental landscape.The solution of course is to have all the above services removed from State remit and run on free market principles where the public would get a genuine service rather than the polite fiction that prevails at present like a Potemkin village of pretend service concealing a vacuum of incompetence,laziness,arrogance that is born and directly flows from the monopolistic hold on said services by the State.In anticipation of two possible objections to all of the above I will offer the following. Yes,chemists May be privately operated but are presiding over a government sanctioned monopoly namely the handling of prescription drugs.I was seriously inconvenienced by this and could not get the necessary medicinal aid to an associate as a consequence delaying such by an hour.The fire service should be a monopoly of the State some would say but it is hard to see why.The only consequence of this monopoly is the absurd union run Trumpton like outfits across the country that are little more than disguised welfare homes for the bone idle with absurdly over generous pension privileges and retirement rights and bizarre work practices that allow them to get full time wages for what is clearly very part time work enabling them to have another job on the side.The Left as usual are profoundly hypocritical in all of this,defending such restrictive practices and State controlled monopolies whilst forever lambasting the energy companies and other big businesses for holding 'monopolistic' power over the consumers when these are to the contrary an illustration of the proper functioning and operation of competition in the market - hampered and compromised in their operations to the extent that they are only by over regulation and state interference which is becoming of course ever more intrusive and inhibiting by the day.

Heroes of '13: Edward Snowden and the Guardian

For exposing the sheer extent of State surveillance and snooping engaged in by the US and UK governments Edward Snowden and the Guardian should be decked in laurels not to mention their service to journalism and individual rights. Their revelations have exposed the dirty little Big Lie that there is a war on terrorism when quite clearly the only war being fought is a war on the American and British people.Small wonder the so-called war on terrorism is open ended and in fact never ending and unwinnable because the prime suspects are not being profiled for fear of accusations of racism by the prevailing toxic suicidal orthodoxy of political correctness.So as a consequence 'we are all guilty' and fall under the remit of State spying and thus our freedoms are taken from us and the Muzlim enemy waxes strong and laughs as we rob ourselves of our last vestiges of liberty and thus prepare the way for global Islamization and tyranny.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Month Atlas Shrugged

The Employ Strikes Back! A new film,telling the story about how for the first time in British industrial history a company refused to bend the knee to the tyrannical unions and issued them with a stark ultimatum: accept our reasonable terms and conditions or we will close down this business and you will all be out of a job.Except that it is not a film but a real life event here in the UK.I forget the details and name of the company but anyone who follows these things will remember this case.The important thing is that the cowardly intimidating unions had their bluff called,they blinked first and now the the company was saved,the empoyees jobs were saved,and the whole country could also be saved IF we take the lesson away with us and apply it to all future union confrontations:just say NO to the Fascist Left.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

BBC Shame of Humphrey Interview

We allow terrorist supporting scum like Choudry to remain in the UK when he should have been deported long ago.The BBC is aiding the enemy by giving him airtime and for this treasonous act deserves to lose its licence.The BBC makes pretence of balance but it would never allow an extreme fundamentalist evangelical christian to have such a platform.Izlam gets the red carpet everytime. The rank nauseating hypocrisy of the BBC is boundless -and it doesn't care because it knows it is unassailable, a holy cow that can never be sanctioned.

Torture is Cool

It is a tool of war to defeat the Nazi like Muzlims and the Blair gov should not be villified for such necessary measures.We are so timid in our fight against Izlamizm that it will go on forever and never be won.

You cannot be Syrias

A 'British' doctor goes to Syria to treat the rebels,is captured by Syrian goverment forces,tortured to death.Who is blamed?The British government,not the idot who went over there to aid the Syrian rebel jihadists,put them back together again so they could commit more horrendous atrocities like we saw on the youtube video of a rebel cutting out the heart of the enemy and eating it.Aiding cannibals is not a good look and deserves no sympathy whatsoever.The British gov should issue a warning that anyone from the UK who goes out to Syria to play humanitarian doctor does so at their own peril and that the Brit gov owes them nothing and is not responsible for anything that befalls them.Of course we should offer a plague on both the Syrian sectional Nazi muzlim houses.But the British gov is to blame for encouraging idiots like the doctor to get involved and Hague and co are guilty of fanning the flames of hatred in that benighted region with his silly posturing interference and support for the rebels.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Justice for Lee Rigby

Here is what it would look like.His killers should be first stripped naked and copies of the Koran should be fully inserted all the way into their rectums.They should be force fed raw bacon and then raped by dogs.Then they should be strung up by piano wire to lamposts in the street where they committed their crime and it should be televised around the world.Alternatively they should be thrown in a pig sty with starving pigs who will eat them alive.Instead of course they will be allowed to luxuriate in jail reading their sick Koran and then the EU will ensure they will be released after a few years on human rights grounds.I know which is the true justice but of course the Marxist liberals who run things in this country will go for the second ignominious option.Because of that we are all implicated in his murder because we tolerate an injust justice system.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the 8th day God Created Nelson Mandela

Or was it the 7th? As the deification of the saintly Mandela gathers apace brought to us by the drooling BBC worshipfesters perhaps it is time to reflect on the true lesson of Mandela rather than the official liberal media version of his rise to demi-Godhood.The lesson will not be one the liberal bien passant wish to hear and it is this.Long jail sentences work! 27 years in jail and the Marxist Communist firebrand terrorist converted into a peace loving saintly Ghandi figure.Had he been released on the standard liberal grounds of penal correctness he would have become a very different figure -more like a Mugabe than the Mandela we all know today.So,liberals,lock em up and throw away the key if you want more Ghandis emerging from our prisons.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Seargant Blackman, A Hero Of Our Time

As I have said elsewhere the disgraceful way this man has been treated is sign of the sickness of our age and the moral depravity to which as a nation we have sunk.He served his country bravely and acted flawlessly to rid the world of muzlim scum jihadist insurgents and for that he has been tossed in jail whilst those who stand in judgement upon him are free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise and he sits like Buddah in a ten foot cell,an innocent man in a living hell.Makes you proud to be British.Hundreds of thousands of decent people have signed a petition for his release.I hope they succeed or no brave courageous young people will want to join an army whose country spits in the face of heroes and bends over backwards to protect the'human rights' of inhuman muslim scum.Free Seareant Blackman NOW.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clown Prince (Show Some Disrespect)

The prospect on nutty Charles assuming the throne keeps even rabid monarchists awake at night.This preposterous figure has disfigured the polity for 30 years with his ridiculous ongoing and meddling commentaries on cultural matters and he is clearly an unstable character with issues.He is also of course republican's not so secret weapon.Keep on scribbling your inane missives to politicians Charles and the tottering corrupt empire that you are the prospective head of will crumble like all kleptocratic tyrannies down the ages.

Phillipine's Idiot Wind

Everyone with sense knows the typhoon was media er,overblown but why?Seems obvious - because it allows the liberal main stream(sewer?) media to ride its two ide fixees namely putative man made climate change and poverty.The ghastly tragedy in Phillioines allow the MSM to go into liberal overdrive in a ghoulish display of shroud waving and hand wringing.The victims are mere walk on parts to this tired liberal pantomime.Nothing can possibly trump liberal cynicism in full flow and it has been on sickening display this last week.

Kennedy's Deadly Legacy

I'm not usually in favour of presidential assasinations and prefer to rely on native American intelligence but sometimes it can be seen as an acceptable alternative.Such was the case with Kenndey,a charlatan from a mafia background whose very election was bought by the mob which in fact Nixon won as records show.It is testimony to his statesmanship that the latter let the verdict stand for fear of widespread unrest if it were contested.No such scruples were shown by the arch mountebank Al Gore of the putative hanging chads.)Kennedy as Rand pointed out at the time was a Fascist who created a superstate on nothing more than ersatz charisma which turned out to be tostestrone driven(he once confessed to Macmillan that he could not go more than a few days without sex without exploding.A Dallas bullet performed that eventuality.)But the poisonous legacy of Kennedy is the cult of personality,the whole Camelot meme (he like humping) and the misbegotten spawn of Obama.Appearance over reality,slick presentation hiding a void beneath.The American people were well shot of Kennedy but his toxic memory casts a shadow on American politics to this day.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Princess Horse Face Ann Says Let Them Eat Horse

Well,tis meat.Ann thinks horse consumption may be the way to go.Horses for first courses,but the real lesson from the Animal Pharma horsemeat scandal is this: All animals are equal,but some animals are more equine than others.

Oprah Talks Crap(Again)

Silly Oprah Winfrey says people disrespect the presidency when they critique Obama and it is racism.No,its called free speech and if you are going to play the race card at every turn you are a despicable race hustler and perhaps you should shut up.Obama's colour is not a free pass,he has destroyed America with socialized healthcare and Americans are justified in railing against him.He is anti American,not his critics.Shame on you silly woman.

Let It Be (Please)

Silly Macca appealing to RusPutin to free eco terrorists.Lock em up and throw away the key Put,and wish we would treat our enviro-mentalists with as much rigour.Greenist nutters are a scourge and lets keep them back in the USSR please.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scots Missed?

Not optimistic about the referendum on Scotland if the debates so far are anything to go by.A country's bid for independence is too important to be put to a referendum and the latter should only be used for relatively unimportant technical matters not potentially seismic ones which should be settled at general elections .If there is to be a referendum it should include English voters as we here have as much to gain or lose by this historically and politically momentous event.Do we English want a defacto Cuba in our backyard,one with control of our nuclear capabilites? And our oil too?The Scottish like the Arabs were opposed to oil drilling and had to have their mouths stuffed with gold to allow it so they are a backward incestuous people who rely moreover on english taxes for their very existence.They may like to indulge their Braveheart cultural posturing but most Scots know which side their welfare bread is buttered on hence the polls showing reluctance to vote yes.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welfare Forever

Once a welfare state is introduced it is there forever as entrenched vested interests forming a powerful client state voting block depend on its perpetuation and represent a critical mass of the electorate which it is impossible to challenge through the ballot box.Unless someone is earning over 40.000 pa they get more out of the benefit system than they put in and seeing those who earn over that amount are in the minority do the math and it is obvious the wealthy elites are being shafted daily by the tax system and are effectively vassals in a modern welfare slave state in effective indentured servitude to the non productive masses.It is no use appealing to the entrepreneurial class to oppose this tyranny as most of them have bought into the masochistic ideology that it is their duty to pay royalties in the form of taxes to the non productive low wage masses so for this reason it is hard to see a way out of this impasse.The intellectual classes certainly cannot be appealed to as they are the authors and originators of this madness and they have the commanding heights of the intellectual sphere,colonising and prempting the field.Revolution is out because unless a coherent alternative is first presented it would leave a vacuum into which would step anarchists,nihilists,terrorists,criminals,communists,fascists leaving the country at the mercy of stray gangs and gangsters and thus far worse than the present existing lamentable state.So I guess that the slow painstaking work of education and disemination of ideas has to continue - if we have the time of course.A mixed economy is a precarious state,an interim period between either freedom or tyranny.It has a tendency to go more towards the latter as each government intervention begets another on the slow long and winding road to serfdom.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Republicans Get Some Cojones Next Time

They fell at the last hurdle.They blinked and America is the worst for it.They should have gone for default because all they have done is postpone the inevitable as the US is tens of trillions in debt and bankrupt with only a printing press as figleaf over its destitute self.This is the Socialist endgame mirroring Greece into decline as all collectivist states collapse upon the indebtedness of their fiscal recklessness and debauchery.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pernicous notion of Hate Crime

Under a system of objective law there would be no such phenomena as a hate crime.A crime is a crime regardless of the motivation behind it.To elevate some crimes as being more morally despicable than others because of the motivation behind them is the height of irrationality and arbitrariness and is demonstrably unjust and brings the whole law into disrepute.To illustrate the absurdity of the idea of hate crime we can take for example two cases of murder.The first is a person who is murdered by someone who does so to steal their money.The second murder is committed by someone who does not like the race of the person they murder.The first case is characterised as a murder,the second a hate crime and by extension worthy of a more severe sentence.In both cases murder has been committed but the murder of a person for financial gain is not considered as heinous as murder on racial grounds.Whether a person is killed because the murderer wanted to steal their money or because the murderer did not like the colour of the victim's skin or the clothes they were wearing or their religion should have no bearing on the sentence which should soley depend on the fac that the person has committed an act of murder.The instigation of force that leads to murder is the crime,not the motivation of the murderer.Just as pernicous if not more is the notion of hate crime to characterise anyone making derogatory offensive remarks about another person's race or religion which takes us into an Orwellian world of thoughtcrime.Being at risk of arrest for expressing politically incorrect views is a road map to tyranny.

Prisons Crime and Punishment

Prisons should be spartan regimes and not places where the inmates can access the internet,playstations,alcohol,drugs,cigarettes and television.Work should be done by all inmates for small extras.There should be no so called 'life sentences' which are the opposite of life and can be as little as 10 years and are a cynical attempt to hoodwink the public into thinking that sentencing is rigorous and harsh when it is in fact liberal and derisory.Life should mean life.There should be no reductions of sentence for 'good behaviour' as good behaviour should be the expected default norm,not something inmates are rewarded for with reduced sentences.A criminal is in jail for a crime he has committed and the length of his sentence should not be influenced by his subsequent good behaviour when in jail although if he goes on to commit a crime whilst in jail he will be subject to an extension of sentence after the due process of additional prosecution is effected.Parole and probation services should be scrapped for the above reason.All prisoners should serve their sentence in jail not hospital on the grounds of mental disorder and there should be no involvement of social workers and psychiatrists in the prison system as these are invariably vehicles to facilitate fraud and deception allowing criminals to escape justice by having excuses made for their behaviour on pseudo scientific grounds.Prisons require statutory oversight but this does not mean they should not be run by private businesses and indeed they should be.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Foreign Policy re War

The sole purpose of war for a nation is to defeat the enemy in self defence observing the principle of non initiation of force.It is not to provide social services to the enemy,to 'win hearts and minds' and all such liberal mush that passes for a foreign policy these days.A nation's sole priority and objective is to protect national self interest,not to play global altruist in some act of Blairist delusional post empire liberal interventionism.

All out war to defeat the enemy at all costs in the shortest time should be the objective not some long drawn out politically correct war such as in the middle east which effectively places our our soldiers in danger,exposing them to the enemy for shooting practice,serving as sacrificial lambs to fulfill some misbegotten liberal idea about duty and sacrifice.

Such is the moral obscenity of foreign policy to date and the Freedom Party would oppose all such doomed ventures in humanitarian self sacrifice.Proxy wars would be discontinued and the enemy named and exposed ie in the middle east, Iran.This rogue state would be given one month to dismantle its nuclear assets or face nuclear attack to take out its installations.

Burqha Ban

Banning the wearing of the burka in public places is justified as the adoption of this head and face cover is clearly a symbolic gesture of political Islam.This dress is not even worn in many middle eastern countries and is a symbol and statement of outright hostility to western values of freedom liberty and self autonomy.

The liberal left are as usual inconsistent and dishonest in their support of women's right to wear the burka and their position is the height of double standards and hypocrisy.Whilst they would not tolerate for one second even the verbal expression of misogynist views or chauvinistic comments,let alone the outright opression and suppression of women if these were coming from white right wing hidebound groups they willingly accept and support the same attitudes and behaviour from muslim ones.

If it is correct to ban the burka as people concealing their identities and faces in public arouse natural suspicion in the light of all the terrorist atrocities caused by muslims the question arises would it not also be legitimate to ban mosques?The Freedom Party has not got a definitive position on this at present and it invites those in favour of liberty and individual rights to weigh in on this but it does seem a compelling argument for the following reason.Mosques are obvious symbols of Islam which is a political as well as religious construct.Many atrocities and terrorist outrages have their intellectual if not physical provenance in British mosques as the inmams give intellectual birth sustenance and succor to such ideas,justifying jihad etc and giving it their moral and religious imprimatur.For this reason mosques have become recruiting grounds for jihad and operate as command and control centres of terrorism.

The fact that a religion is centuries old does not give it immunity to scrutiny,criticism and condemnation if its actions warrant it as Islam at least in its recent and present form clearly does.

This is not necessarily an exclusive Islamicentric argument,for if christians or jews were blowing themselves up and threatening to impose their religion globally via the sword or bomb the banning of churches and synagogues would be equally justified and apropriate but this is not the case and the threat is coming soley from Islam not those other religions.


The argument for protection of the environment shares its irrationality with the argument for animal rights in that once again human beings are to be sacrificed to the interests of the un human,in this case of nature itself.An assault on human values so overt and extreme cannot be an accident and is planned systematic and explicit in the environmentalist argument.

Environmentalism has its roots in the anti capitalist Left and seeks to replace whatever residues of the capitalist system remain with a planned centralist command economy placing burdensome regulation, bureaucracy and taxation on business to render its continuation impractical and financially prohibitive thus driving out free enterprise system and replacing it with totalitarian socialist command.In order to achieve this nefarious end science itself with its reliance on objective provable analysis and methodology has been systematically corrupted and co opted by dishonest and politically sympathetic scientists invariably in the government pay ie university employed researchers on a stipend to service and facilitate the environmentalist objectives.

The Freedom Party would disempower the environmentalist movement by having a separation of science and State,privatising universities and liberating them from the oppressive asphixiating death grip of Marxist thought.Scientific discovery and research will be free from political influence to pursue truth rather than political objectives masked in pseudo science and junk science which characterisies environmentalism.

Animal Rights

The concept of animal rights is an obvious absurdity as rights are a human concept pertaining exclusively to human beings and cannot be plucked and wrenched out of context and transposed arbitrarily onto animals.Animals therfor have no legal protection and even where they are abused by callous humans albeit regrettably - and those who do so are morally reprehensible - animals, falling outside the realm of rights cannot be protected by them.

The attempt to ascribe rights to animals is part of the anthromorphising of animals and actually undermines the whole concept of rights and devalues them reducing humans to the same level as animals. Rights are a human construct designed to protect people form the initiation of force by others.Humans are not animals living in an evolutionary survival of the fittest system where the strong can use force against the weak.How would the rights of a mouse be protected from the attentions of a cat?Would the cat have to go to court to face charges?To ask the question is to see the absurdity of the animal right's advocate's claim.

The concept of rights is an intellectual construct and part of a hierachy of knowledge in a chain of cognition and is the end product of centuries pursuit of knowledge and application of philosophy contributing to human progress.Animals are non conceptual creatures and it would make as much sense to apply rights to them as it would to a piece of wood protecting it from being used by humans to build a house.When animals can produce philosophical treatises on politics and law they can have rights.

To confer rights on animals is a deliberate attempt to undermine rights of human beings by trivialising the concept and depriving them of the necessary protection required for a free civilized society.The Freedom Party would abolish all legislation and laws protecting animals and negate and reject the very concept of animal rights.


Immigration is a thorny issue because under a capitalist system there would be no border controls and there would be a free flow of goods and people into the country but in a mixed economy as we have at present unfettered immigration must be checked because New Labour clearly used the flooding of millions of immigants into the UK as a political tool to ensure there would never be a Conservative government again as immigrants gravitate towards Labour as being the obvious natural immigrant/immigrant welfare friendly party.So until Capitalism is established the Freedom Party would have checks on immigration only permitting skilled profesional people in.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Free press

The Left hates the free press because it shines a searchlight onto government programmes in general,exposing the flaws and the corruption endemic in big government.It would like statutory control of the press citing public interest which is a flimsy cover for protection and immunity from criticism this would afford them the politicians and the State enabling it to carry out its operation free from exposure and ridicule.The Left thin skinned rats as they are cannot tolerate criticism and would like to turn the press into a carbon copy of the BBC:pro statist,pro government control of everything and everybody.The latest Milliband furore with the Daily Mail and the Left's assault on it shows today's direction of travel namely a curb on the press and state censorship.Not only would the Freedom Party reject all state control of the press but it would seek privatisation of the BBC and freeing up the airwaves ensuring the same freedom of speech as presently exists in the printed media.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Collectivism's Evil Twins

John Prescott really thought he had the daily Mail on the ropes re the Milliband furore when he dredged up an old cutting from the 1930's showing the paper defending Hitler and Fascism.But what the Left suffers historical amnesia over is the Nazi Soviet pact which saw the Fascists and Communists in bed together and which cosy arrangement was only ended when Hitler reneged on the deal.So we see these two collectivist creeds are two peas in the same pod -except that Communism killed many more people and went on a lot longer.Here we come to the heart of the hypocrisy and double standards of all this.Whilst it is still considered respectable to defend academic Marxism and the teaching therof as Tony Benn was doing today,appropriately some would say, on the BBC and which ideology led directly to the mass murder of a hundred million people under Communism, it would be considered a moral outrage to try and defend Fascism and its tenets and no leader of the conservative party would hold that position if it were know that his father taught Fascism in a university.The Freedom Party rejects all variants of collectivism be they communism or fascism as equally immoral and abhorrent and evil and holds that they should be treated as two horns on the same ugly goat of collectivism

Housing versus the State

There is nothing more nauseating and comical than the inverted snobbery of the liberal left intelligentsia.Will Self was the latest exponent on ch 4 the other day sneering at the property owning folk who have the temerity to aspire to own their own houses.He laments the passing of the municipalist spirit of social housing and berates Thatcherism for giving the lower orders ideas above their station in the selling of council houses.With the typical double standards of the Left Self who no doubt own a house if not houses strikes a Marie Antoinett pose and says effectively 'let them have council houses'.He rails at the subletting entrepreneur who lets out 4 bedrooms per house as 'Rackmanesque'.This man lectures at British universities and one can only have pity on those unfortunate students who have their heads filled with his loopy sub Marxist nonsense.The Freedom Party needless to say would oppose all State involvement in houses and would remove the oppressive planning laws.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Public Space

The comical tussle that took place on Brighton sea front last week between the gay tory Ian Dale, the publicist of the MCBride autobiography and the 'no nukes' protestor speaks to a problematic issue regarding the public space and who has a right to occupy it and when.Both sides of this spat clearly thought they had the right to be doing what they were doing and indeed the two conflicting interests are irrecociliable all the while public space remains public.Doing so it is an anomaly as it clearly belongs to everyone and no one and groups with diverging viewpoints will seek to commandeer it all the while the public space status is maintained.The only solution is for the streets and roads and all public spaces to be privately owned and the owners would then determine who and what their property could be used for.For this reason the Freedom Party would sell off all public land,roads and streets,pavements only leaving government buildings for essential services such as army buildings,police stations prisons and even these buildings and land could be privately owned and rented out to the respective government bodies.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Statism and its Pretzellogic

One of the salient characteristics of the State and its operations is its illogicality and absence of commonsense in policy.Take the issue of the minimum wage brought in under the last Labour administation.Most people recognise but will not articulate from the pressures of political correctness that the minimum wage has had a catastrophic effect on young people entering the job market and has priced them out of it completely.The polite fiction that it is done to protect people from exploitation is as hollow as it is ridiculous.So now we have chronic youth unemployment and millions on the dole and what does the government propose?Workfare! Instead of being able to freely negotiate a wage with an employer of say four pounds or so young people will now be forced to work for nothing!It is no accident that with the advent of the minimum wage came in its train soon after the phenomena of unpaid internships.No one connected the dots and the vested interests of the State and its hirelings are certainly not going to do it for us as their sinecured jobs depend on us not recognising the asininity of their destructive policies.Needless to say the Freedom Party would abolish the minimum wage and give young people therby the invaluable experience that comes from working and the ability to work their way up the wage ladder to economic freedom through hard work and attendant promotion.

Monarchy Feudal Tyranny

The English monarchy has a well documented bloody history.We are told it is innocuous now because it is a mere constitutional monarchy,little more than symbolic.But it is precisely for this reason that it is symbolic that it should go.Symbols matter.If Germany said we have abandoned Nazism but we are going to continue with a constitutional Nazism, with the outward form re flags,swastika,Nazi salutes,insignias and all the Nazi panoply but without the intellectual application and content of Nazism no one would think it acceptable yet we are fobbed off with this evasion and sleight of hand and swallow it whole.Monarchy and the fawning interest we show in it is infantile and the philosophy behind it ie blind subjection to arbitrary rule is dangerous and sets us up for the arbitrary rule of our democratic leaders and obviates a truly liberal freedom based individual rights oriented polity.The Freedom Party would abolish the British monarchy and use its vast possessions to pay down the national debt.

The Party is Over

Mistrust of politicians in the UK is rife and the rise of UKIP speaks to the anti establishment feeling abroad that there is something inherently rotten in the state of British politics.The malaise runs deep and it is characterised by an anti Party per se sentiment.People value choice in the marketplace and by and large they get it but in politics it seems we are mired in 19th century thinking which is at odds with our bespoke culture of individualism and which offers a condescending one size fits all approach.

The young generation will begin to wonder what the point of politics is if their personal choice is removed from them.If they can choose what ipad to purchase,clothes to buy,goods to consume why can they not do the same in the realm of education or health? The NHS and State education system paid for out of general taxation seems ill sorted to our desire for individual choice and autonomy.

Why not eliminate the middleman ie the State entirely in these fields and others and allow the market to provide education,health,transport,culture and everything else we require where choice will produce abundance rather than the scarcity the sclerotic,unresponsive,bureaucratic Socialist State engenders?The role of the State would thus be delimited,it would not tax us in our comings and goings or play politics with our lives,rather it would confine itself to its proper role and function namely to protect individual rights ie, a standing army,police force and courts to maintain the rule of law and offer redress against force and fraud.The market will take care of the rest.

Tesco and others provide a great service,the State wherever it extends causes rationing and poor service and it is time we put it back in its proper place and allowed freedom to reign.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Capitalism: No Financial Crisis

It is plain that the global financial crisis was caused by governments and the regulated States but the lie is perpetrated that it was a bank driven disaster.If we had capitalism rather than what we do have a mixed economy the crisis would not have occurred because the banks would have known that if they engaged in risky behaviour they would not get a taxpayer bailout and this would have led to more prudent reality based banking rather than the casino banking so the origin of the catastrophe was governments too big to fail policies.They also encouraged and coerced banks into lending people money for their mortgages they had no way of being able to pay back which caused the housing sub prime fiasco.So we see that far from capitalism being to blame it was governments around the world and the mixed economies that prevailed that cause the crash.Still capitalism gets the blame when it was nowhere near the vicinity when the crime was committed.The Freedom Party would effect a complete separation of State and money,the bank of England which is our federal reserve would be privatised and governements would have no power to issue money.This would be the province of the banks and various forms of money would emerge including bitcoin as at present.Governements would have no financancial policies as such and we would not look to the chancellor to effect social policy via manipulation of the currency.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Foreign Aid

One of the worst excrescences of the welfare state is foreign aid.A vile tory mp called had to resign last year for allegedly calling policeman plebs and swearing at them but he was international aid minister which is why he should have been sacked.In his post he was effectively minister for an international socialist welfare programme,scattering money like confetti at barbarous countries in the vain delusion that it will benefit them but of course it feeds their corruption as all foreign aid does and it is stolen money from the taxpayer which is doubly grievious in the arrogance of the proxy donor who saw fit to make moral pronouncement on the rightness of his plunder and was clearly proud of his felony dressed up as charity.Vicarioius charity which is what Foreign Aid is,is the gift that keeps on giving. It is painless to the distributor but robs people of their hard earned money and is grand larceny with a sickening sanctimonious smile on its criminal face.Needless to say the Freedom Party would abolish Foreign Aid.

Monday, September 16, 2013

EU: Nazi Germany Meets Soviet Russia

Immediate UK exit from EU a hydra headed monster of collectivism concocted in a lab by a crazed confederacy of megalamaniacs with a liberal nightmare vision of pan european supra state tyranny.As Thatcher said, No NO NO.

Socialized Art = Tracey Enema

Art is one of the highest expressions of the human mind.It should not be co opted by the State to fund favouritised politically correct artists with non objective art no one would purchase freely -hence their need to hold a gun to the taxpayer to force them to subsidise it.The Freedom party would of course end all state subsidies to the arts and the people would be free to patronize their preferred choice in a free market of art.

UN Supra National Babel

The Freedom Party would exit the UK from the UN because it is an absurd organization peopled with uncivilized cannibal States,the barbarous and criminal petty horror States,prehistoric Muzlim despots,Russian oligarchs,crazed demagogues and tyrants.He who lies down with dogs gets up with fleas.We must delouse ourselves and exit this den of iniquity,cesspit of racism and confederacy of clowns and dunces.

Education and the State

The realm of ideas has brought us civilization and separates us from the dumb animal kingdom contrary to animal rights anthromorphist loons.Because it is so precious and upon which all human progress is predicated it should not be the preserve of the State,indeed the Freedom Party would argue that the State should have no role whatsoever in education and schools.All education should be private,run on free market principles.Schools should not be run by and for teachers unions who are free to shape the curicula along socialist lines and refuse to teach the only known effective method of reading ie phonics on the grounds that it is 'right wing' as one NUT change agent asserted at a conference speech a few years ago.These collectivist ideologues and zealots have ruined countless generations of students with their Marxist based politically correct education and the school system must be rid of their toxic presence if future generations are to stand a chance in the real world where contrary to such teachers beliefs reality exists and a is a.Freed from the malign influence of the State schools of wide varieties will flourish,innovation will characterise them,bad teachers will be sacked and the good will be rewarded and a thousand educational flowers will bloom.

A Bonfire of the Taxes

Down the ages tyrants have sought to justify their plunder of the people euphemistically called taxation.They have sought to dress their plunder in moral guise and talk of public duty to pay taxes as if it were some moral obligation to be raped and pillaged by them your masters. To the present day this tool of tyranny taxation is dressed in the same garb and the looters who plunder seek to frame their criminality in high moral tones but the result is akin to a raddled poxed whore plastered in thick garish makeup.No one is fooled.This centuries old crime cannot be ended overnight.Indeed it will take years but the trajectory must be plainly delineated: away from slavery,towards freedom.The following taxes should be phased out in time therfor: capital gains tax,corporation tax,income tax,business rate tax,inheritance tax, national insurance tax,vat.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

BBC Poster boy of Liberalism

State run media is the sine qua non of all totalitarian states.Here in the UK the BBC has held tyranical sway over the airwaves for too long, disgorging a relentless fare of liberal biased agenda hostile to liberty and capitalism.Television viewers are forced to finance it under pain of imprisonment.The Freedom Party would sell the BBC to the highest bidder and end this abuse of taxpayers money and the BBC's licence to propagandize.

Foreign Policy

The role of the State is to protects its citizens from hostile forces at home and abroad.Its foreign policy should be to protect national interests ie protect its citizens from threats of violence.It should not be to act as world policeman and dispense welfare largess across the globe or indeed to export democracy.The Freedom Party would not have got involved in phoney wars in the Middle East but would take out rogue states that threaten our liberty such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.Absurdities like the war on terror would be rejected which is just an excuse to rob citizens of their liberty with surveillance snooping of emails and phones etc.Profiling is totally acceptable and as the terrorist threat is muslim the obvious target is mosques and muslims.Indiscriminate snooping on the population at large must end.

The Role of the State

The role of the State to protect individual rights.To do this it has a monopoly on the use of force.It will maintain a standing armed forces,police service and operate the courts and judicial functions.The rest will be left to the free market says The Freedom Party.The aforementioned services will be funded by voluntary contribution and will be supported in the same way that people voluntarily take out house insurance as self interest would dictate the need for protection against enemies at home and abroad and the need to have contracts enforced and to protect oneself from force or fraud via the court system.

Socialised Healthcare Kills

The State is not and should not be your doctor.It should not be in the healthcare business.Any Americans contemplating Obamacare should note the UK experience and go in the opposite direction.It has been a disaster and a costly one in economic and human terms.Millions have died because of poor care,maladministration,incompetence,carelssness and non accountability.A sovietised healthcare has turned hospitals into defacto gulags and the victims of socialism have paid with their lives.The Freedom Party advocates a complete dismantlement of the NHS and a return of healthcare to the free market where quality is assured and guaranteed,waste eliminated,innovation a corollary and cheaper affordable targetted healthcare tailored to individual requirements.

War on Drugs Fallacy

The war on drugs is of course a nonsense as you cannot have a war against inanimate objects but in so far as it means anything at all it is wrong because it is not the role of the State to police what people choose to ingest and the attempt is to do so is immoral,iliberal and of course vain as even the most ilibertarian authoritarian would baulk at the invasion of privacy that such a prohibition would entail. It is no accident that the most totalitarian countries practice drug control and execute drug traffickers.In a free society drugs would be available on the free market and that would include prescription drugs which at present are monopolised by the State via the NHS.So The Freedom Party would decriminalise all drugs.

What flows from rejection of Altruism

If it is accepted and conceded that human beings exist as a means to their own ends and not others the political implication is clear: taxation is immoral! It is coercion by the State to deprive people of their possessions and fruits of labour to serve someone else whose need is now a demand on their substance following the laws of altruism.This is a monstrous moral inversion and cannot be justified.Politicians play on unearned guilt of the people to pass this injustice off as the highest moral good which only the heartless or psychopathically selfish could question.We must challenge their assertions and resist their perverted morality which reduces human beings to mere cattle to be processed through the slaughterhouse to be cannibalised for the 'public good' -that old whore!

What does the Freedom Party stand for?

Freedom. Individual rights based on rational self interest.A rejection of the morality of altruism that states that people exist for the benefit of others as opposed for themselves.Humans are not to be treated as sacrificial victims on the altar of the needs of others no matter how socially desirable such people's requirements may appear to be.This means a total rejection of collectivism be it socialist,liberasl or conservative varieties.Man does not exist to serve the public good because the latter is a meaningless subjective term intended to disarm enquiry and defy defintion which is why it is so beloved of statists across the board.Whenever some narrow poltical agenda requires it the proponents of any measure can always wheel out that decrepid old crone public interest in order to perpetrate another violation of civil liberties and present themselves in so doing as lily white lovers of human decency all the while ignoring the fact that in order to achieve this chimera they have had to trample on the civil liberties of thousands to get there.To challenge altruism which is the sacrifice of a value for a non value is to strike right at the heart of the liberal beast and challenge it where it lives,on the shaky foundations of a false premise.To the demand of liberals,bare your neck for the public good the only response can be an unequivocal simple NO.

The Freedom Party and why it is Needed

Precious few people have any enthusiasm for the political classes in the UK and this disillusionment with business as usual party politics is by no means an exclusively UK phenomena.The rise of UKIP has coincided with widespread weariness not to say disgust with the mainstream parties and politicians as a species apart with their corruption and cronyism.UKIP are riding the zeitgeist in this respect. The time is therfor ripe for a political movement and party that can best articulate and accomodate this cynicism and jaded distrust of the existing political order.This is the age of individualism and the young generation especially want no truck with the take it or leave it top down paternalism which runs through the dna of the main political parties with their appeal to outdated identity politics that are divisive as they are unethical.If a clear and concise argument for freedom not statism is presented it will find a ready audience hungry for revolutionary thinking that will break the shackles of government knows best centralist rule predicated on old egalitarian notions held conciously by no one but given lip service to by politicians as their cover whilst their hands are busy in the wallets and purses of the people.Whilst libertaraian movements exist in the UK they are as silent as the night,have no presenece in the media and are busy talking to themselves in ivory towers on the internet.But the problem with libertarianism is far deeper than that and i will touch on it briefly only to explain why I beleive it has to be rejected as a political movement.The reason it has not gained traction is because philosophically it is all over the shop and to call it a broad church would be an understatement.You can be a libertarian and a socialist,communist,liberal,anarchist conservative - a Nazi for all I know.All of this is so hopelessly contradictory and philosophically illiterate as to be beyond risible and explains why as a movement it has got absolutely nowhere.The Greens and UKIP have been around just a decade or so and they have already eclipsed libertarianism by a country mile.If they had a Farage they might just wing it but there is no such on the horizon and for the abovementioned reasons I do not think they can advance a coherent programme under any circumstances.So hence the need for a Freedom Party.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Is A Return To Capitalism Possible?

Excuse the following list of questions but they are screaming out to be answered.As we wend our way remorselessly down the long and winding road to serfdom is it not imperative to ask can we halt this headlong pursuit along this path to ruination and avoid the destination of totalitarianism? In this age of Mass communication why are we on this path at all may be the question to address. Why are there so few voices raising the alarm and pointing out the perilous path we are on? Those who ask questions ask the wrong ones.Why has the idea of freedom and liberty been so neglected and taken for granted?Ok enough questions.Time for answers.The cause of our present sorry pass is bad philosophy taken with our mother's milk unquestioned and unchallenged.The cause is bad education and the abject failure of our intellectuals down the centuries to write and think clearly and speak honestly about the human condition and dilemna,the proper role of the state and what freedom and individual rights mean.Apart from Aristotle and Ayn Rand the world and realm of ideas has been co opted by cranks,fools,chalatans liars,disemblers,obsfuscators,haters of truth,sociopaths and mendacious self serving fantasists.The biggest betrayers of all are the Conservatives as they have masqueraded from the beginning as defenders of liberty but throughout their long and ignominious history they have done more than and to sell the pass to the Left,the collectivists of mind and matter and sell us into slavery of the big State.But lest I be accused of pointing out the error without offering a solution let me get to the way forward.Have people even been presented with an alternative vision for man,one that does not involve the State monitoring and controlling his every thought, feeling and action,that does not regulate his commerce and violate his liberty at every turn,that does not obstruct and frustrate free association and trade, unimpeded by taxation regulation levy fee licence and control? There is hope.Here in the UK we have seen the inexorable rise of a fourth party UKIP which is challenging the Conservatives at long last and giving them a run for their money.Lacking any principle or philosophy the Conservatives true to form have bent to pressure and are now accommodating anti EU sentiment and show all the signs of embracing their inner eu skeptic for purely cynical opportunist reasons of course.This demonstrates that a populist pro liberty party with a libertarian bent could emerge with the right leadership and actually put forward an exciting vision of freedom and liberty that challenges all the collectivist dogma we are reared on in all our prevailing establishments and institutions.The rise of the internet should serve to give this movement momentum even if up to now that appears not to have happened.Pure economics alone will not suffice as people need a moral argument for Capitalism and that would have to involve invoking self interest as a good moral thing and not anathema and evil as it is presented in our culture today and since almost the beginning of time.Why the deafening silence from libertarians in the media?I am back to questions.To end on a positive note and to paraphrase,silence is complicity and we who beleive in freedom have to in our own small way start speaking out against the encroachment on our liberties and challenge received ideas about what is moral and ethical,what the role of the state is and organize for change like the Left does,but with the crucial difference that we will have right on our side.

The Strange History Of Conservatism

I confess to being very confused about Conservatism and my confusion was made all the more apparent to me after listening to the totally baffling programme on the subject last week from AnnMckelvoy on BBC radio four entitled Grand Tour of Conservatism.She cited Edmund Burke,Caryle and Ruskin and as the programme progresed the actual meaning and sense of Conservatism seemed to recede in a gargantuan fog of obsfuscation,evasion and vague generalities.Obviously Conservatism has its roots as I suspected in confusions,half baked or unbaked philosophy,compromise,cynicism,unprincipled populism and opportunistic pragmatism.Its proud boast has always been that it is not an ideology but its very claim to strength is actually its greatest weakness as those who do hold ideologies ie the collectivists be they of Socialist Labour or Liberal stripe have prevailed by their consistency over the centuries leaving the Conservatives compromising at every turn and seeking to co opt the collectivists to gain political power without principle.Hence the absurdity that is modern conservatism which has accommodated and compromised with the Left on its long journey to the Big Leviathan State as we know it today.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cameron's Post Empire Burlesque

Cameron's Blair moment has crashed on the rocks of reality.He should have stayed on the beach instead of initiating an inept bungled recall of parliament. Labour be it ever so cynical and opportunistic has de fanged the Coalition's attempt at another doomed military adventure this time in Syria.What a cesspit of depravity and iniquity is the Middle East and why we should be dragged into yet another morass for God knows what reason or objective is anyone's guess.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Western Democracy Versus Individual Rights

Democracy militates against the individual.It is collectivist at its core.It says the majority will prevails.Screw the individual.The most productive industrious people have the most to fear from democracy.The parasites gain, the producers lose Into the electoral ballot box is funneled all the crime, pernicious injustice,tyranny,imposition of brute force,violation of individual rights,it is the very triumph of brute force over reason yet it is presented as the quintessence of civilization and the highest flowering of human invention.How have countless generations been so fooled?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Democracy: Rape Of the People,By the People,For the People

Greater minds than mine have exposed the tyranny of Democracy and I can only offer up a feeble echo of their words.I advise those interested to go to Ayn Rand for a complete expose of this miserable thing called democracy and what it leads to.For my part I can point out that taxation is slavery ,indentured servitude where the productive are enslaved to the non productive and governments do this at the behest of the people through the ballot box and for some reason this sanitises the larceny and makes it kosher in the public mind where clearly reason and sanity are bipassed thanks to centuries of brainwashing and socialist collectivist programming.The violation of property rights which is what taxation is is given moral imprimatur through democracy.One challenges this orthodoxy at one's peril.Democracy imposes a tyranny of orthodoxy and those who stand outside it and challenge its shiboleths can expect no tolerance and no fair hearing.Fortunately we have the internet and such unfashionable views can be expressed but still the scorn will follow.Press on fellow freedom fighters and keep your eyes firmly fixed on the prize of liberty!

Egypt Routs Its Izlamizts

Egyptians rumbled Democracy in five minutes,we still labour under its delusions.Hitler was voted into office in democratic Germany.The muzlim Hitler Morsi came to power in Egypt similarly.As Mr Roger Scrutton has pointed out in a recent BBC broadcast of all places Democracy is not synonymous with liberty.Unless other key things are in place it can be a cover for tyranny.Izlam has been given a damn good thrashing in Egypt today and it is to be welcomed as it sends a message that the Nazi-like Izlamists will not be able to use the figleaf of Democracy to impose their evil tyranny through the ballot box.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monarchy and Its iliberal Defenders

Thunderbolts and lightening,flashfloods! The presage of dark times and the birth of the antichrist? Well the media was at its nauseating worst spewing its sanctimonious guff about the royal birth and sinking to new depths of forelock tugging grovelling and achieving new levels of degrading obsequiousness and lackey like subservience to this most illiberal of institutions propped up by hapless taxpayers struggling to keep their heads above water.Th moral obcsenity of it all is seemingly lost on the monarchy's greatest supporter the conservative party which has colluded with this illiberal mafia like outfit for centuries and sees nothing wrong with its continuance into infinity apparently.Here we get to the philosophical root of conservative iliberalism,it long time swooning relationship and collusion with monarchy.Free market privelege is one thing but when it is State financed through taxation this is the very quintessence of tyranny albeit with a modernised sanitised gloss.The acquiescence with the welfare State and big governement,the persecution of business through aggressive tax policies and the closing down of the internet can now be seen not as an abberration on the part of Conservatism but characteristic of its very illiberal impulses.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Conservatives,Enemies Of Liberty

Boy is Conhome sensitive of criticism.I posted a sentence pointing out that re the latest crackdown on the internet ostensibly to prevent access to porn Conservatism has more in common with socialism than libertarianism and they moderated ie censored my comments.The truth hurts I guess

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Obama Race Hustler

The man is not fit to be a rat catcher. American has sunk mighty low to vote in this arrant knave and charlatan.His stirring of the race pot is unconscionable but par for the course.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Bradley Manning Poster Child Of Puerile Left

Manning is a traitor.If not shot he should get life imprisonment for giving information to the enemy,and endangering the lives of Us servicemen.He is a lowlife scumbag and thus hero of the Left.And why has the diseminator of the information he leaked Julian Assange not been dragged from the embassy in London he is holed up in and sent on a plane to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault? The very existence of foreign embassies is questionable but if they are going to be used to harbour criminals then they should definitely be closed down and their diplomats sent packing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Age - Spiritual Leftism

Why are New Agers predominantly leftist? The meme of the New Age movement is anti individualism.The individual is an illusory concept.It is just a 'story' we tell ourselves.To New Agers reality is thus reduced and negated to a mere 'story', an illusion.There is no subject/object,no objective reality,all is subjective,the indididual is a fiction,a delusion,a dualist conceit.This plays perfectly into the leftist collectivism of we are all one,a societal blob of collective consciousness.Cue environmentalism which is another New Age article of faith,man is a rampaging animal despoiling the environment,disrespecting the ecosphere with his Capitalist marrauding,over population puts in an appearance too,another example of human being's inconsiderate selfish fecundity riding roughshod over the animal kingdom which should be worshipped as the totem and apotheosis of new ageism.The anti capitalist agenda is clear and defined,industrialisation took people away from the Rouseauian idyll of being in touch with nature in a rural environment.The intellect is the enemy with its false constructs and concepts,the mind creates this illusion of reality,give up your mind,become a blob,join the collective consciousness,turn your swords into ploughshares and experience your nothingness,yuour no thing ness.So at the very heart of New Ageism we see nihilism,irrationality,mindlessness,human stagnation and cretinism as the highest ideal.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Philanthropists,Self-Hating Capitalists

You hear it all the time.Philanthropists are doing it to 'give something back'.What?The implication is obvious,these people have taken something from society and by becoming philanthropist they are now giving something back and thus redeeming themselves.Bollocks,sorry.They have created value,introduced some innovation in production and the market and provided a service for which they have been renumerated.But they have been taxed on an industrial scale.And they have provided work for thousands if they are a very successful entrepreneur.They have 'given' far more to society than all of their critics put together.The only time they become parasitic is in their philanthropy when they seek approval from others for their misguided altruism.That is sad and it plays into the owing something and putting something back rhetoric/narrative of the liberal critics of capitalism.

Towards The Post Democratic State

How will people be educated and inducted into the post Democratic State and what are the signposts pointed in that direction?The freeing up of State schools and their transition to non council quasi independent status is key.The Marxist teachers union stranglehold on state education has fostered generations in a statist mindset and the shackles of that mental bondage are slowly being prised open.This will not happen without resistance from the militant teachers unions but their unholy Marxist hegemony over education must be smashed and the consensus truly overturned.The internet will play a part re the blogosphere and the economic crisis befalling western States will challenge the idea that democracy can deliver the goods mired as it is in outdated 19th century precepts totally ill sorted to the desires hopes and dreams of millions of individuals tired of cynical politicians playing them off against one another in a tired ritual of ballot box demagoguery.The collectivised 19th and 20th century will at last give way to the individualised 21st century.

Lib Lab Con Axis of Evil

The Collectivist Statist Quo incants that there is no other way.The only way is Statist.The EU collapses in front of their eyes,the whole Democratic Mixed Economy is crumbling like the Berlin Wall and the iteration remains the same.The economies across the western world and beyond are in free fall,debauched by Keynsian mad men with a democratic remit and their eys fixed in the rear view mirror of history,condemned to repeating the same mistakes,the hollow men head peice filled with straw.The dummy electorate with heads full of nonsense about Democratic freedom watch the Arab world implode in search of the Democratic deficit and applaud their doomed quest.They are about to discover the terrible truth that they have been denying for a century or more namely that Democracy is not the harbinger of freedom and liberty but rather its destroyer and negator.If cannibals could vote they would vote for more comsumption of human bodies.Their cannibal leader would stand on a platform of increased productivity in the field of human consumption of body parts.The people hqave spoken!Democracy has triumphed!Pity about the corpses piled up to the sky.And In the enlightened West,we are so superior with our tribalistic ballot majority rule rituals.We can trample on individual rights and not have a care because the majority has spoken.They fetishise Democracy and condemn liberty to Hell.

To Dream the Non Dualistic Dream

New Agers have a common theme they return to,a leitmotif to which they constantly refer known as non dualism.We are all one with the Cosmos don't you know.Separation is an illusion,a Western conceit of self and invididualism.Passivity and accomodation with this non dual self is the goal of awareness and realisation.Phooey I say.If we took one of these new age characters and placed their hand in burning coals who would feel the pain but them? If we are all one and there is no separation we would all be burned but as this is demonstrably untrue the individual obviously exists as a self contained unit of one.Individual, does it not mean divided,separated from the other?New agers have their political agendas which are basically collectivist,environmentalist,anti capitalist,anti indivudual,anti growth.They run a cottage industry of book production,lecture circuits broadcasting,classes etc and this is all well and good as it furnishes them with a career of sorts but for those who imbibe such content what is their fate if they have to continue to function in the world as it is?An anti individual anti man anti progress agenda is hardly the sine qua non to getting ahead in life is it?

Human Potential and Its Malcontents

It has been said that the average human being only expresses a tiny proportion of their potential and this begs the question why the gap between potential and that which is actually achieved? The factors we would have to address would be environmental parental conditioning,trauma,resentments creating negative self denying programmes of limitation,lowered expectations, narrowed perspectives leading to non achievement and social exclusion.Societal institutions which could play into such poverty of expectation and achievement would be Welfare which encourages learned helplessness and dependency,entitlement,non effort and the prevailing orthodoxy in the culture that emphasis the collective over the individual.The altruistic ethos of Socialism plays down and denigrates the individual and champions the masses and collectivist groupthink.Environmentalsim stresses the harm caused by progress and urges a limits to growth perspective which fosters passivity over action and stagnation over development.The systematic hounding and demonising of the producers,the productive wealth creators and their persecution through the confiscatory tax system predicated on socialist envy discourages entrepreneurism and encourage State dependency.So the contributing factors that facilate non achievement of the individual and the expression of only a tiny proportion of potential are culturaland social therby impacting on the personal to produce a dysfunctional society over-dependent on the State.The solution is a programme of self liberation through introspection,analysis,philosophical enquiry and reprogramming of negative thought paterns that are self limiting and negating.Parental factors aside the biggest obstacle to personal growth and development alas are the educational institutions of the State which over the centuries have gained an an un healthy monopoly over the transmission of knowledge and have seized the commanding heights of education and inculcated a socialist ethos into the curicula poisoning the well of knowledge with a toxic brew of collectivist Marxism across the board producing generations of disaffected uneducated youth fit only for the welfare dependency whch has locked in generations since its inception 70 years a go in Britain.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

To Think Or not to Think.That Is The Question

Animals have a simple life.They run on instinct.They do not have the capacity to conceptualize.They just live out their animal instinctive existence,following their animal natures to reproduce and hunt for food and prey and be preyed upon by other animals.Humans on the other hand do have choices.The main one is,to think or not to think,to engage in cognitive activity or allow their minds to vegetate in an unfocused state of fog,prey to their unconscious fears and imaginings,wandering around without direction or purpose and prey to others who will be quite happy to do their thinking for them at a price - at the expense of the unthinking slaves who place themselves in their care and power.We call such people who will take on such a role as demagogues,politicians,carers,sociopaths.The unthinking masses who have abdicated thought to the experts are in a thrall to a tyranny we sometimes refer to as democracy.In any case a basic requirement of human survival is thought,It guides the actions of thinking men and leads them if done properly to a full and worthwile existence of meaningful activity in furtherance of their existence,in the enjoyment of acheivment.In order to be able to conduct their lives on this level individuals have to understand what the requirements for their survival depend upon and know what threatens it.Reason has to be the guiding principle and man must be left free to excercise it unhindered by force from others.For this purpose government is instituted to protect and defend the individual from the use of force by others who would seek to gain an unearned value at the expense of thsoe who have achieved it by effort.This is the sole purpose of government.Its function and purpose has been corrupted and co opted by enemies of freedom and liberty who have turned the whole purpose of government on its head and used it to rob individuals of their freedom through taxation redistribution of wealth,regulation and imposition of non objective law based on socialist collectivist principles.

Global Democratic Tyranny

Nowhere is safe.There is nowhere to hide.The choice is stark.Outright tyranny of gangster States -or the mixed economy democratic states.Not a free capitalist non statist country in the world.How did we get to this?The failure of the West and it is a catastrophic failure to produce a model of freedom that enshrines individual rights and delimits the state has set the world on a global spiral of Statism which to varying degrees ensnares its citizens in semi free unfree states where the right to free choice in personal affairs is circumscribed by government decree,imposts,regulation,taxation and non objective law predicated on statist collectivist assumptions.Nothing short of a philosophical coup and revolution is required to free man from universal slavery of statism as it exists in varying degrees around the world.The only county that has grasped these principles is the United States and its sad and sorry decline into statism over the last century may well drag the rest of the so called free world down with it.If the freest country on earth has abandoned principles of freedom and liberty for the individual who else will take up the baton?It is far more likely that the whole world will descend into barbarism and collectivst tyranny and squalor.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

TheLesson WeShould Draw From Eastleigh Farago

Everyone is talking about the problem with the political parties and trust but I think the problem is much more fundamental than that.It is the system itself that is at fault but no one dare discuss it because it would mean a paradigm shift in how we look at politics and what the role of the State actually is and there are too many vested interests who do not want that debate. Anyone who raises this issue is thus parodied as a lunatic.What system am I referring too?Why, the system that is not even named correctly ie what we actually have and have had for over 70 years - the Mixed Economy.It is that that does not work,never has worked and never will work because it is based on a contradiction that you can mix Socialism and Capitalism and have a happy result. How can we begin to find a solution to our problems when we have not even identified and diagnosed them properly and traced their cause?It is this fog of unknowing,this incoherence of the debate that has us going round in circles spouting plattitudes and offering bromide like solutions about brands and suchlike.The felon in the dock should be the Mixed economy but the Left with the default silence of Conservatives have put Capitalism in the dock and that is the Conservatives gravest sin.Who will argue for Capitalism and defend it from its multifarious enemies? Certainly not intellectual pygmies like the hapless Mr Tim Montgomerie.Who was it said,'all that it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing'?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tax Avoidance And Evasion Is Moral And Right

The parasitic State is the enemy of freedom and promise.Its power to tax is the power to enslave.People have a right to avoid and evade its predatory grasp. There is enough wind and hot air spewing form the pro tax Left to meet our energy needs for a century.The spectacle of the Left huffing and puffing about tax avoidance with phoney outrage and moral vapours is risible and obscene in equal measure. This from the same people who were found fiddling their expenses in recent times and seem to have one rule for themselves and another for the rest of us. When will the fight back against their immoral and evil campaign against the productive and successfull be joined?

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Shirt Lifter's Charter

Marriage is traduced and blasphemed.Sodomites should not be allowed access to children and by kosherising their unholy coupling via 'gay marriage' they are opening the doors to hell and enabling these moral inverts to gain access to children through adoption.Only evil will come of it.Yet another reason why Conservatives will not get elected next time.The girly Ian Dale posits a 'choice': children reared without parents or brought up by a 'stable and loving gay couple'.Oxymoron.Homosexuals are by their very nature unstable and unloving.The children would be reared by them -literally.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Weird Mr Milliband

Isn't he? Only weird people go into politics lets face it.Those in absence of a life.Those who wish to run other people's lives in lieu of having a life of their own.Parasites,social and metaphysical,inferior beings from the dark side.Just look at Mr Milliband,the weirdness of the man.His father taught Marxism in a State university for goodness sake.No bar to holding office apparently.Only teaching and preaching Fascism is a bar.BNP members are not even allowed in the police force and other public offices let us not forget.But if your father taught Marxism which has killed millions in the past century you get a free pass.Still,isn't he weird Mr Milliband?No one is paying attention because no one cares about politics like I said a few posts back.And they are not wrong.But while we ignore them they take our freedom away.They must be stopped!

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron?

The dust has settled.Cameron's cynical ploy to neuter UKIP lies exposed.No one is buying it.No one believes in Mr Cameron's jam tomorrow hollow promises.UKIP will go from strength to strength.It is entirely likely that the Conservatives will never see power again with an outright electoral victory.The smell of death hangs around them like a malodorous stench that cannot be expunged,certainly not with vain promises delivered by a popinjay with insincerity and equivocation seemingly running through his dna.

Way To Go Israel!

Now you have hit Syria,go for the Big One.Nuke Iran.Now!The world is waiting for you to save it from tyranny and a descent into barabarous dark ages pt 2.End the mullah madness and de nuke the rabid muslim peril that is Iran.

The Way Forward

Freedom or slavery?We are at a crossroads.We have a marvellous opportunity thanks to the internet to wake people from their collective hypnosis and alert them to the danger they are in.Get the word out folks.A global insurrection against democracy is feasible and possible.A global tax revolt is practicable.The risk and threat of one world government via the EU and UN must be met head on,exposed,challenged and defeated!The totaltarian threat has never been greater but the means to defeat it has never been more to hand.Only the will and organization is lacking.Citizens of the world unite,you have nothing to lose but your communist change agents.

Democracy and its Malcontents

Poor little Ian Dale was crying girly tears for the death of politics on his weeny LBC radio programme the other night.I sent him a text but he didn't read out any texts so he owes me 50p and half an hour of my life wasted waiting for him to read out people's texts and hopefuly,mine.What I was trying to tell him in said text was that people have seen through the lie of poltics and want none of it.The 21st century will be the age of the individual.The internet amd mass communication means that people will simply not tolerate the lumbering sclerotic old crone called Democracy with its 'you can have any colour you like as long as it is black' arrogance,pettifofgging totalitarian over reach and its dead hand moribund pretetensions of omnipotence and competence.Why should we have to put our individual choices re health,education,transport etc to some collective vote as if we were children and cannot arrange our own affairs in those matters and all the others that the creeping ever meddling mendacious State has encroached upon over the decades?Screw you Dale and the political classes with your delusions of proprietorship over our lives,we have seen through your corruption and criminality and will opt for freedom and liberty instead thank you very much.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Algeria: Lessons For The World

If there were no Arabs on planet earth there would be world peace.They are the cause of all the problems and instability in the world.They are so evil and stupid and sub human that finding and extracting oil was way beyond their primitive tribalist sub human minds.The West came along and did the whole job.Then like the savages they are the Arabs plundered,stole,appropriated and run amok across the whole of the Middle East.The only solution is to nuke the whole of the Middle East leaving aside Israel and thus rid the planet of their cancerous pestilential presence.They have p[roven themselves to be uncivilised and beyond the pale.Enough already.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Religion,The Cross and Employee Rights

No,the woman who was told she could not wear a cross whilst working on an aeroplane should not have been vindicated by the EU court. Employers alone should set the terms of employment and if they chose not to allow employees to wear religious ornaments that is their right and it should not be over ridden by the courts especially illegitimate ones in Srassbourg applying Napoleonic non objective laws.People can wear what they want but outside the workplace.When they hire themselves out they should abide the dress code of their employers or become self employed.This law should be consistently applied but of course Christians have a point when they say that they are being singled out whilst other religions notably Izlam and Hinduism get special dispensation and preference as illustrated in the recent case of the Seikh at Buckingham Palace who was allowed to wear his turban rather than the traditional Bearskin hat .Likewise in the police where the police helmet is substituted for the turban.This inconsistency is wrong but the conclusionshould not be that all religions should be allowed to set their own dress code in the workplace but that none of them should and that the principle be evenly and consistenly applied.

EU - Through The Looking Glass

In true Carollian fashion the chattering classes descant on the virtues of UK EU membership and warn of the terrible consequences of an exit from said institution totally ignoring the fact that the main driver for this imminent catastrophe is of course the EU itself - with ample assistance from the respective welfare systems of each component part of the EU.Fiddling while Europe burns indeed.

Entrepreneurs.Two Types

There are second generation entrepreneurs like Murdoch and Trump who build on pre existent structures inherited geneologically ie in Murdoch's case his father was in the print business owning magazines and periodicals which he then expanded into his vast empire we know today.Likewise Trump took over his father's real estate holdings as far as I know and from there expanded into his building empire as well.Then we have first generation entrepreneurs like Branson who build from the ground up,starting with nothing other than a good environment of parental encouragement,one example of which being when the young Branson was coming home from a family trip in the car and his parents dropped him off miles from home and told him to find his own way back.He recounts the story in his autobiography of wading through streams and climbing over mountains and eventually reaching home,muddied but triumphant.His parents obviously viewed this as character building although in today's climate it would probably be counted as child abuse.Obviously the ground up entrepreneurs are to be most admired rather than the second handers to give another example of which would be Deborah Meadon of Dragon's Den provenance who took over her parent's holiday resort business and then went places with it.Speaking of the TV series a firsthander from the same series would be the woman with the name that escapes me! who built her haulage empire from scratch and whose name I will retrieve in due course.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Why the Left Fetishises the EU

Because it is protectionist,bureaucratic,centralist,top down,Socialist,regulatory and edict driven,undemocratic,tyranical,arbitrary, petifogging,despotic,interfering,tax mad,mendacious,redistributive,egalitarianist,communist,lying,criminal,totalitarian.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Essay.Why Welfare Is Designed To Kill

First enslave the masses with welfare.Make them dependent on agents of the State who administer the welfare dependency poison.Junkies of the state care for only one thing: their next fix.The politicians who promise more ill gotten welfare take the electoral prize.This we call Democracy.People vote for their own enslavement like Jews paying for the privilege of travelling on the trains to Auschwitz.We finance our own destruction.How we crave more of the same poison and demand yet more government succor as our sense of freedom and liberty is eroded by our dependency.We call this civilized caring society.It is a parasite's paradise where everyone preys on everyone else.This is now a global Ponzi scheme as countries around the world have adopted it and enslaved themselves to State created dependency.None dare call this conspiracy and madness.Only a minority see the insanity because they are the ones paying for it.The small productive independent business people,entrepreneurs the so called 1% who are forced to finance their own servility and captivity via the tax grab of the fruits of their labour.They are a helpless minority served up as a tasty milch cow for the idle and parasitic non working welfare classes.


Yes the Loyalists have been provoked unconscionably by the unholy cabal of rabid, corrupt,criminal,gangsteresque Republican/IRA/ Liberal- cohabiting sympathisers and they are disenfranchised working class disaffecteds but what are they effectively disenfranchised from? They are merely the neglected rump who cannot get their snouts in the government trough which is now fully occupied by former terrorists and their followers in the Republican ranks.Ireland is Socialist and the warring factions are fighting over government spoils and handouts.The flag issue is merely the trigger,post hypnotic signifier that sparks and ignites the flame of discontent.The sectional strife has no more profundity than the same of any rival football gang out for a riot.The boot is on the other foot now,that is all.The reublicans are now the pigs who are more equal than the loyalist pigs.Religion is merely the figleaf.The only solution is Capitalism and freedom of the markets with a small delimited State.But now under Republican control that is the only solution the devolved government of ireland will never contenance.

UKIP Mission: Destroy Conservative Party

There is nothing for it: UKIP must destroy the Conservatives.Farage said he would require any Tory pledge re EU to be written in blood.Not enough.Tories can never ever be trusted on Europe.They are like paedophiles -beyond reform hope or redemption.They must be anhilliated.The only reason they are making anti EU statements now is because they have been driven to the precipice by UKIP.It is now time to push them over it.Tories are only interested in power and if that power is threatened they would sell their granny, or even their soul (if they had one) to cling on to that power.They have past form.They got us into this godawful mess with their Heathite machinations.The frog trusted the scorpion in the old fable and of course it stung poor froggy to death.Farage may look frog like but I trust he is savvy enough not to befriend the Tory scorpion on the EU.As if to confirm this fact the Mail on Sunday screaming headlines today: Cameron: UK would be mad to leave the EU.From the whores mouth.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

UK 51st State?

Why not? If the US is so concerned with the UK being sidelined by the EU if it goes it alone we could join the Union as we have far more in common with they across the Atlantic than we do our strange alien neighbours of Europe who seem intent on socializing themselves to death and taking us with them in their death spiral. As the great liberal European death wish plays itself out we should be looking towards the US despite the Obama blip aberration.Suddenly at such a prospect the Left would start intoning about the need for independence and not being shackled to a super power.Never underestimate Left hypocrisy and illogic.But yes, I think it would be a very good idea.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Iliberalism Is The Spirit Of The Age

Or is it? Perhaps people have been denied an alternative viewpoint.They the illiberals dictate the agenda but this not need always be so.The emperor's new clothes syndrome could be broken when the first person stands up and points out the attire-challenged emperor.A vain dream? Perchance to dream on.

Political Flat Earthers

The political Statist quo has the public in a mind grip and the mainstream media outlets reinforce the condition on a daily basis.The blogosphere is too disparate,siloed and fragmented to offer any coherent alternative.Libertarians are confused and contradictory and totally incoherent and the objectivists are as far as I can see talking amongst themselves.If the latter group were to exit their ivory towers and form a political party -but they appear not to be so minded.It is left to a few individuals to plough the lonely field of pro freedom,small State, liberty defence but the small quiet voice of reason is drowned out by the raucous illiberal spirit of the age.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The End Of Politics

Not in our lifetime of course.The delusions of crowds is potent and has some way to run before it reaches the end of the road.People love the irrational and they embrace it in politics,conspiracy theories and religion.It is lonely in logic and reason and the comfort of delusions albeit a false comfort is strong.We few are doomed to live out our lives in an artificially created irrational universe called civilization.Fast forward a few centuries and if mankind has not imploded it may well have dispensed with the doomed experiment with politics ie Democracy and shed its Socialist Welfare delusions.It will take future generations to see clearly the folly of Statism and look back on our collective insanity in believing that it was a fair or just system.Small comfort for those of us who clearly see it now! Should we then give up and submit to the irrational?No but we do have to be realistic about what can be achieved.Just as you cannot debate with the religious you cannot really debate with liberals either as they have as scant regard for logic and reason as the faith driven.They unfortunately seem to outnumber the logic driven folk.Conservatism with its militant anti philosophy and ideology never was a match for Leftism which is why the latter has so comprehensively triumphed.Just look across the Atlantic for further proof of that.

Amerika Lurches Greekwards

So much for the Tea Party effect.Republicans are betrayers ,just like our Con.servatives.They talk the talk but when it comes down to the wire they cave.Big government Democrats or slightly less big government Republicans.You can have any colour you want as long as its grey.The con of democracy laid bare.Will Americans take this lying down? Probably,they usually do.It is futile to look to American any more as an example of the way to go.They have become Europeans in all but name.Short of a monumental collective change of heart(or Lee Harvey Oswald's great grandson putting in an appearance) America is headed for a great big Socailizt/Communist black hole from which it will probably never emerge.

Why Democracy Sucks(.com)

Democracy sucks because: I don't want my next door neighbour or anyone else determining what sort of education and school I send my children to (if I had any) or what sort of health care I choose to have.Simples.Any more than I would want my neighbours determining what shopping I purchase or house I buy -I don't want those things put to a collective vote thank you very much.To my neighbours I would simply say if you think you are too cretinous or infantile to make such choices on your own using your hopwfully informed independent judgement go hand your life over to a committee or bunch of failure loser bureaucrats and let them run it for you.Good luck with that one but don't ask me to do the same because unlike you I am quite happy and competent enough to make such decisions myself.That's why democracy sucks.It is enforced infantilsm of the poopulace by a parasitic self selecting liberal elite whose only sense of life is the life it can extract from the masses by enslaving them through dependency and learned helplessness.Welfare is the ultimate tyranny.Hereth endeth lesson for the day.