Sunday, January 15, 2017

Democracy -What is it Good For?

Or what the hell is it? Democracy is the politician's excuse. Its the excuse for just about any imposition he seeks to visit on the hapless electorate who every 4 years signs what amounts to a blank cheque from which he promptly draws with prodigal liberality. On the strength and the pretext of a sprinkling of bromides,dollops of generalities, helpings of vague approximations,hollow promises,veiled threats,ludicrous pledges and crowd pleasing demagoguery, class warfare and the politics of victimhood and  identity politics he divides and rules his clueless sheeple and empties their pockets into the bargain.

Is democracy a process or an ideology? A politician only has to invoke the word to put his listeners into an altered state of consciousness,passivity credulity and acquiescence.To challenge it is to risk charges of base heresy,to put oneself outside civilized society and beyond hope or rational discourse.It is in short the inpenetrable armour of the blackguard,mountebank authoritarian and fraud,  every politician cum sociopath's intellectual backstop and failsafe, the solid rock and foundation upon which he builds his shaky career of evil and defalcating sinecuring parasiting raiding of the public purse.

He,the Democrat will concoct all the rights under the sun, ignoring the only one that matters and upon which civilization was built,namely individual rights which he violates at every turn with collectivised rights that are of course a complete violation of individual rights.He will even usurp the greatest intellectual revolution of all time, the American one and subvert it with the Democracy tocsin,devouring it from within and turning it from the first experiment of capitalism in human history and reducing it to a dungheap of collectivisation and socialisation, the very excrescence and pullulating puss of Democracy itself. It ends as it only could in the grotesque spectacle of the Twitter in chief,the demagogue in chief Trump himself astride the dungheap of what was once a noble country,gesticulating and firing off obscenities and profanities,mired in corruption,cronyism and moral delinquency and not yet innaugurated.I have a Nightmare and its name is the Uniturd Sraits of Amerikkka.

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