Saturday, October 29, 2016

Meanwhile on Planet Venezuela..

Sooner or later if you live in a full blown socialist country you end up not even being able to wipe your arse.(No toilet paper) The Mad.uro President  raises the minimum wage - to 40%. George Osbourne eat your heart out! Still it prefigures what a Corbyn government woud look like so we don't have to go through it ourselves. On the issue of Venezuela the Left of course are silent. What is there to say. Best ignore it and hope people will not notice whats going on there.

It was ok for a while when oil was riding high and the charismatic but mad Hugo Chavez-Gaucho Marx was holding the country together on inflated rhetoric alone but he shuffled off his bloated  mortal coil and the big fat communist basket case  that is Venezuela has no place to hide anymore.

Danger! Whitehall Traitors at work

Our legion of Civil Serpents are not be trusted to navigate through the choppy waters of Brexit as most of them went native years ago and are Brussels lickspittles to a man and woman. The bureauc.rats are primed to sabotage the proceedings and they should all be purged. We have more civil servants, to give them their undeserved name, than when we were an Empire whose writ ran round the world and heaven only knows what they are there for other than to frustrate the will of the electorate and steal the referendum away from them given half a chance. We should not give them that chance as they are not to be trusted even with used toilet paper. Heads should er Roll.

Russophobia -a Mental Disorder?

Lets have our daily 5 minutes of Hate. We can have a big photo of RusPutin and vent all our hate upon it. Third rate politicians can burnish their Churchillian credentials by huffing and puffing and replaying cold war paranoia and displaying their Churchill complex. Never mind that the country in question, the object of our controlled and manipulated Hate is a broken, enfeebled, diminished, stricken nation with a moribund economy as weak as Italy's, has rustbuckets for  naval ships, has to spew out feeble anti capitalist propaganda on its State run TV channels one of which is pumped into the UK to for our amusement and edification, has been comprehensively denuded of its former satellites and territories to the tune of tens of thousands of miles and is surrounded by hostile Nato forces spoiling   for a fight  for God only knows what reason. It is hard to have sympathy for such an unsympatheitc unsavoury character as Putin but the Wests reckless mindless and delinquent provocation of Russia leads one to such sympathy.

Uber Armageddon

The Unions in connivance with left wing judicial activists within the legal system have dropped a nuclear device right into the heart of the Uber freemarket revolution and  the toxic fallout will decimate tens of thousands of UK jobs and destroy what is left of the new digital freewheeling economics reversing its nascent development.

By finding that employees should no longer be deemed self employed with all the implicit ramifications that flow from that ie entitlement to sick pay,holiday pay, union recognition, paid rest times,minimum wage ad nauseam the much vaunted economic recovery in the UK is now under deadly threat and unless this criminal verdict is overturned the country will assume the economic stature  of basket  case EU countries like France Spain and Italy. Employment tribunals should be closed down as they are an assault weapon against freedom,liberty and the quasi market economy we just about have.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Alt Right Nazis!

Do not know that much about the Altrighters as it is a new phenomena to me but what I have seen I do not like. They are connected to a group called 3% and they appear to go around gun toting, acting as as paramilitary force,spreading provender and welfare like the Taliban or Hamas  who specialise in combining barbarism with altruism, although that is not such a leap as some may suppose.

If it were a black group doing such they would be circumscribed pretty quick but because they are white and refuge behind patriotism they not only get away with it but receive tacit recognition from the local police which tells us something very disturbing about the institutionalised corruption within the force.

The dickheads for what else can they be called pride themselves on clearing the streets from prostitutes so they are obviously the moral police no one assented to but self appointed religious whackjobs on a mission to militarize and terrorize the population with their crackerbarrel unhinged and deluded agendas. A kind of Isis Lite. And what are they on the lookout for on the Mexican border but probably illegals,drug runners so they are prohibitionist to bootleg,typical Trump pondlife with hairbrained half baked non baked philosophy about taking their country back -to where? A sort of authoritarian right wing place that does not look a lot dissimilar to the F word asscism.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pharmacy Lunacy Prescription for failure

Pharamacies are bleating - a characteristic of all State employees by the way -about loss of gov funding which means some will have to close down but why do they need such assistance in the first place -its not as if drug selling is small narrow market where no one can make a living. Every other person is on some sort of drug or other. In a free market people would be able to purchase any drug of choice over the counter at any retail outlet -why should the State monopolise this industry or any other for that matter? The state has cornered and distorted the drugs market like any other mafia like outfit and like it does to every market it intervenes in and co opts to its statist  controlling proscriptive ends.

Bags of Chutzpah

I cannot pay 5p for a bag when shopping without smarting at this tax grab by the State and have fantasies of getting the buaureucratic instigators of this moral outrage and tying one of those bags over their heads with string. Being it was tories who instituted this and knowing their penchant for sexual deviancy they would probably enjoy it though.

It gets even worsehowever. Not content with imposing this opportunistic and evil impost staff in certain  shops that will remain nameless seem to have been instructed to let any hapless customer who dares to commit the politically correct faux pas of asking for a bag to pack their own goods. Condign punishment indeed for not proffering the appropriate obesiances to the false God of Econoia!

I wonder at what point the British people will kick back and howl a collective No at the Nudging Nannies of Nannytopia? Well I will not hold my breath waiting that's for sure.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Meanwhile In Scottish La la land.....

If it were not for Tony Blair's desperate attempt to appease the Labour deserting Scots with a bright shiny Scottish regional assembly resplendent with a new build way over cost and completion targets (a fitting monument to Scottish profligacy with English taxes) no one would have heard of the posturing pipsqueak with her noisome accent and Barnet formula - wannabe Nolan sister hairpiece.

Now we are condemned to listen to the sasenach drone, on and on and on into infinity giving an object lesson in un -self awareness,arrogance,delusion and parasitism. The tail has wagged the dog long enough, the mouth has bit the hand if feeds from (voraciously!) long enough -its time to tell the bitch where she gets off and gently but firmly close down the Scottish office and release it from her grubby grasping clutches..

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The State should not be in the airport business! Duh. Never mind doctors it is politicians who have the real God Complex. How they love to puff their insignifcant selves up and bathe in the glory of their empire building, for the naked power lust of the average politican and they are all that, is quite nauseating to behold.They are convinced of their near  mystical powers to move mountains,extend airport runways and relish the idea of cutting through whole swathes of people's private land and property to get to their desired end of adding to the holy grail of State driven boilerplated infrastructure development.

The idea that all this labour and industry should be left to the determination of the free market is alien to these parasitic elites whose sole interest is their politcal advancement and their habitual  troughing in the emoluments of office.

Violation of property rights -who cares the only thing that matters is the politicians prostrating themselves before the God of Statist projects no matter the cost in the blighting of  human lives. There is no environmental issue at stake here only the over weening arrogance of politicos on the eternal take. Had the aeronautic industry b een allowed free reing in a market driven development advances in that industry would be well ahead of what they are thanks to the dead hand of statist intervention which casts a pall of mediocrity over all it touches.

The role of the state is to protect individual rights,not extend runways or decide where such extensions will occur,not to run the health service,transport,education ad nauseam. Its sole and only function is to leave everyone alone and allow trade to determine its own interests in the free market where it alone can flourish.

Gambling with Freedom

There are a lot of idiots out there and I am not just talking politicians. Some people gamble their family and lives away. What should be done or rather what shouldn't be done? We should not take away their right to gamble themselves into economic oblivion any more than we should ban kitchen knives cos sometimes psychos use them to kill people. Not a good analogy? Well not an exact one but it is good enough for some people love a gamble and why should their liberty and ours be circumscribed to protect idiots from themselves? And also be wary of the State stepping in to save us helpless infants who are just going to spend all our pocket money on sweets or fruit machines and their more sophisticated high stake equivalents that are sending the nanny classes  into a fit of the moral vapours -on our behalf of course, for we know where that goes.Every time. Losing no opportunity to signal their moral virtue the nannyistas will not be happy till they have us all contained in an air tight room protected from every known and unknown danger, a sort of sanitised liberal hell  of safe spaces. But who will protect us from them? Only Capitalism and a free unregulated laissez faire system based on liberty and individual rights, that's what.

Who Created the Precariat?

The plaints from the left over the phenomena of the Precariat, those who do not have a fixed income or predetermined number of working hours per week have a hollow ring in the light of the overwhelming evidence that it is the very invasive statist regulatory mechanisms of employment law advocated and in many instances instigated by the self same left that has produced the precariat  in the first place. Thus laws and restrictive dictats instigated by the State create a problem ie employers understandably seek to insure and protect their businesses from such onerous laws and seek ways to mitigate their pejorative effects such as introducing zero hours contracts and shifting many employees onto the self employment rolls thus reducing their burden. The State then comes along for all the world like a disinterested observer positing solutions to the very problem which it itself created! Needless to say the 'solution' it posits will further erode the viability of said businesses and industry,impose yet more statist controls and cause more social dislocation and hardship on the very people it falsely claims it has the best interests of. A case in point is the Living Wage supposedly designed to counter employment insecurity which will only result in less employment,lower wages in the mid term and a chilling climate for startups -the very death knell of an entreprenurship.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Highway Brexit Revisted?

I wonder if the US opinion polls are as flawed and corrupt in their methodology as the UK ones. If so and it seems likely, the US commentariat are in for as a big a surprise result as their UK counterparts over Brexit. The characteristics are familiar. The media are already calling it for Hillary, the same desperate talking up of the latter mirrors what we were being told about the inevitability of a Remain verdict re the EU. And we know that just as with Brexit there are many voters in the US who are drawn to Donald who have never voted before and are therefor not in the purview of the pollsters data and this produces a necessary distortion in its extrapolations.

There is also the internal bias of the pollsters in that they are part of the establishment and are willing their candidtate on and they also echo what the media churns out. This has been illustrated here in the UK as it is hard to find one account of Trump's performance against Hillary across the whole media spectrum that was favourable to Trump and did not trash him as the suspect candidate.

So are we in for a surprise result? I think very likely and my money is on a Trump win.You just cannot trust the bastards,the establishment blob on both sides of the Atlantic. They lie and have been seen to lie which is why Farage won here and the Donald could well win over there.Interesting times...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Freedom of the Press

Soon the centuries old liberty of the free press in Britain could come to an end. The implications are so horrendous they really do not need expatiation or even bear thinking about -but we have to. It is no accident that arch Fascist sympathiser Mosley is instrumental in bringing about this catastrophe with the wicked connivance of traitor Cameron and his rampant predeliction for quango building as his choice of freedom circumvention -something he shares with most British politicians seemingly. Anyway, here we are on the brink of catastrophe. First they came for the Daily Mail...

But of course there is no compartmentalism when it comes to press censorship. Sooner or later everyone falls under its oppressive sway and  is hoist on its vile toxic peturd. Either we act together to resist this blatant totalitarian assault on our freedoms or we will all be picked of individually in a Kafkaesque vortex of  carefully calibrated oppression.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

RT ac gone Nat West

Cannot blame Natwest for pulling RT from its clientbase as it sure pumps out a lot of toxic anti capitalist propaganda. The chap on Gorge Galloway Sputnik (which he pronounces in a faux northern accent) on Saturday was a full blooded anti capitalist ranter quoting Keynes who apparently said the thing to do was to "euthanise the rentiers'. Well  Natwest will not be performing that masochistic function anymore re RT.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Poetic Justice

Kudos to the American Bard. If unreadable modernist novelists can get it why not the greatest rock poet of the 20th century, the Nobel Bob himself ?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Every Liddle Counts

Great to see Rod Liddle in town today and say hi to him, a noble stalwart defender of Albion Brexitania against the alien elites of Brussels Kleptocraticus and its corrupt satellites.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Russian Bear Baiting

RusPutin may be a dodgy character who has a mystical folklorist eschatology about Soviet determinism and enjoys cold war politiking a bit too much but it is really not our business  if he wants to get bogged down in a re run of the 79 invasion of Afghanistan, a sovietised version of Vietnam in Syria, and we should just let him get on with it.

Borris huffs and puffs,urging British peacenics to surround the Soviet embassy in the UK but it is all posturing and he should put a lid on it. We have covered ourselves in non glory in the Middle East and it is really way beyond time we left it to its own devices and returned to defending our own nation's interests and stopped acting out a very old and tired  post -colonial altruist self sacrificing world policeman psychodrama which only amplifies our reduced and pathetic status as a faded actor on the world stage whose glory days are well and truly over.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Maggie May - Not

Just play her speech from yesterday. I cannot be bothered to autopsy  all this Groundhog Day statist Tory crap.