Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monarchy and Its iliberal Defenders

Thunderbolts and lightening,flashfloods! The presage of dark times and the birth of the antichrist? Well the media was at its nauseating worst spewing its sanctimonious guff about the royal birth and sinking to new depths of forelock tugging grovelling and achieving new levels of degrading obsequiousness and lackey like subservience to this most illiberal of institutions propped up by hapless taxpayers struggling to keep their heads above water.Th moral obcsenity of it all is seemingly lost on the monarchy's greatest supporter the conservative party which has colluded with this illiberal mafia like outfit for centuries and sees nothing wrong with its continuance into infinity apparently.Here we get to the philosophical root of conservative iliberalism,it long time swooning relationship and collusion with monarchy.Free market privelege is one thing but when it is State financed through taxation this is the very quintessence of tyranny albeit with a modernised sanitised gloss.The acquiescence with the welfare State and big governement,the persecution of business through aggressive tax policies and the closing down of the internet can now be seen not as an abberration on the part of Conservatism but characteristic of its very illiberal impulses.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Conservatives,Enemies Of Liberty

Boy is Conhome sensitive of criticism.I posted a sentence pointing out that re the latest crackdown on the internet ostensibly to prevent access to porn Conservatism has more in common with socialism than libertarianism and they moderated ie censored my comments.The truth hurts I guess

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Obama Race Hustler

The man is not fit to be a rat catcher. American has sunk mighty low to vote in this arrant knave and charlatan.His stirring of the race pot is unconscionable but par for the course.