Sunday, July 31, 2005

Muslim Tax

As a sizeable proportion of 'British' muslims supported and celebrate 9/11 and 7/11 there should be a muslim tax to pay for the loss of revenue in Londonistan where it is reported the shops and hotels have experienced a 25% reduction in business.

At least the police are not shrinking away from racial profiling re terrorism and have made it clear in so many words that if you are a muslim on the underground expect to be viewed with wary suspicion and caution. Too right.

I still favour internment of all muslims and then their deportation back to country of origin. The sight of all those vile mosques being reduced to rubble would be a wonderful one to behold. Like everything returning back to normal.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Berlusconi Exposes Euro Scam

A few days ago Italian premier shelacked the euro calling it a scam and various other epithets I cannot quite recall. This surely presages an Italian exit from this Mickey Mouse currency which has ruined more than one economy in the EU.

If the Euro falls like a domino around Europe which it well could, this will be the final nail in the EU coffin.

Kilroy Silk Cuts

Kilroy is leaving his party Civitas due to its poor showing at the election. He said yesterday that the results indicated that the British electorate were happy with the political status quo. How so? Only 20% voted for Blair.

His big ego probably won't allow him to be marginalised in this way.Pity he was thrown off the BBC for telling the truth about the muslims.

Friday, July 29, 2005

IRA Disarming: Deja vous all over again

Periodic pronouncements that they are disarming are taken with the truckloads of salt the words of psychopaths deserve. The liberal media may be going weak at the knees over this latest media stunt but those on the ground who have witnessed the moral delinquency of the IRA fascists in action have reason to treat it with weary contempt.

Not one word of contrition for all the murdered innocents from the IRA yesterday in their carefully choreographed declaration which can only lead objective non partisan observers (ie not the MSM) to conclude that this is yet one more cynical attempt to get back into the assembly from which the Sinn Fein were deservedly ejected. With undue haste this is just what the NI secretary Hain has signalled will now happen.

It could well be that the IRA has decided that it is now surplus to requiremnts now that Al Queda are busily filling their vacuum with London bombings. The latter have no doubt learned that if you drop enough bombs on the capitol a Labour government will bring you into the political fold.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cult Busting De Islamification Time

A million mad mullahs in the UK. Lets take them all in for reprogramming. They can be re converted to christianity. Those that refuse throw out of the UK. Simple.

Muslim Council of Great Britain! The very thought of it is offensive. That must be scrapped immediately.Another so called moderate has abused Blair in the media and uttered the familiar mantra that it is the West's fault. He should be bundled on the first plane available out of the country.

France has already thrown out 10 mad mullahs who were spokesmen for Islam. Why can't we get our act together and rid ourselves of these verminous muslim scumbags?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Welfare feeds Warfare

Surprise that the terrorists in our midst were on welfare. Who would've thought. We feed the problem and give sustenance to the enemy. The great liberal death wish indeed.

A simple policy would be this. No welfare benefits whatsoever for any immigrants or asylum seekers. How did we ever get into the situation where we are effectively extending the welfare state globally?

Now that one of the terrorists has been captured no doubt the liberal amnesty ints will be rushing in to protect his human rights. He won't be executed as he should be and at worst will enjoy comfortable living standards in jail.

I did enjoy watching some muslim scumbag openly defending the terrorists on the streets the other day until he was carted off by the police!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shut Down The Hate Factories?

Is it time to close down all the mosques in the UK? These hate factories are producing the suicide bombers.Their apologists also make regular appearances on the BBC which is a scandalous outrage.

At the very least there should be cctv cameras in every mosque as it is well known that the 'moderate' imams say one thing in public but another behind closed doors.

We should also examine the so called leaders and spokesmen for muslims who appear on the media and with mealy mouths seek to rationalise terrorism whilst feebly condeming it to cover their rears.

Staggeringly there are still muslim bookshops selling incendiary writings extolling suicide bombers and even DVDs of terrorist atrocities.

The biggest villain of the piece is the poisonous bacillus of Multiculturalism. He should be bundled off onto the first plane out of the country., From now on there should be British Culture -a Monoculture. All those who seek to build their country within ours should no longer be tolerated in our midst.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Tube Shoot - Wrong guy -sort of. Plus: the Arab mindset

Sad they got the wrong fellow but it is clear that he was running away as he knew he was an illegal. Always thought we should have a shoot to kill policy on illegal immigrants.

The mad mullahs will use this as another excuse to cry about persecution and profiling of minorities but they really don't need any excuses do they? Whining, wailing and self pity seems to be their chief charactersitic.

There appears to be almost biolgical predisposition to hysteria and mental instability amongst the Arab race. They are forever frothing at the mouth over something,some manufactured imagined slight or grievance which gives them licence to emote and rage. Truly a delinquent race. Are these the sort of people we want living amongst us -especially aas it has now been disclosed that at least 1000,000 of them are Bin Ladinista sympathisers in word and if given the opportunity in deed also.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Livingstone - Business as usual

It didn't take long for pond life Mayor Livingstone to revert to type, did it. After his cod Churchill speech the mask slipped soon after and he is back to proffering pseudo rationales for the terrorist atrocities. Even in said speech he referred to the attack on the british 'working classes' leaving the inference that had the victims been middle class(which of course some of them were) it would have been less of a tragedy.

This should come as no surprise as here is a man who has spent his political life consorting with terrorists -the IRA in the 80's,giving succor to communist Nicaraguan Ortega, and more recently terrorist apologist Islamic clerics.

He should be stripped of his office.

Looks a lot like Che Guevara..

I saw a youth with one of those teashirts on with Che plastered over it. I felt like going over and having this dialogue: d ya know that that man was a serial killer, a mass murderer -how about if I went round with a a picture of Harold Shipman on my shirt -would you think that cool? Jerk!

Friday, July 22, 2005

That's The Way To Do It!

Man shot dead in the tube - no mesing. Suspected suicide bomber - five bullets to the head -perfect. My day is complete.

Shoot first -don't ask questions later.

How dare the muslim community( how about 'the Nazi community') question the police actions,calling them 'trigger happy'? How dare they. How dare they.

Yes,calling all muslims: we have a shoot to kill policy;you bet we do.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Incredible Sulk is Over

The death of Edward Heath -what is there to say? A monumental non entity has passed away leaving absolutely nothing behind. He represented a disastrous era in British politics where nothing worked and the Unions ran the country. He failed miserably to get them in line until he fell at the hands of Thatcher who got the job done famously to his curmudgeonly and graceless chagrin.

His only achievement was to con the British people into thinking the EU - then called the common market, was just that and not what it really was: a profoundly political and un democratic not to say totalitarian structure. Heath lived long enough to see the monlith begin to crack and to crumble -the only pity is he didn't live long enough to see its complete collapse.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top Marx? (In a Pigs eye)

In a radio four poll of top philosophers Marx has been voted the winner amidst competition from Aristotle Kant etc. What a surprise from BBC listeners who have been indoctrinated with sub Marxist BBC agendas for the longest time!

The wretched man was not even a philosopher but a polemicist who used journalistic hyperbole and pseudo science to 'prove' his ridiculous theories in turgid volumes which only a handful have actually read in their entirety but millions have paid lip service to with devastating results for mankind leading to the deaths of hundreds of millions in the last century.

One fears for the sanity of radio four listeners that they could vote for this monster who throughout his miserble life was a social parasite living at the expense of his friend Engels and thought nothing of concocting statistics and distorting evidence to legitimise his theories. The man spent most of his life surrounded by books and had very little if no contact with the working people he profesed to champion.

Close by his tomb in Highgate Cemetry in London is the tomb of a real philosopher and Marx contemporary who whilst not having the universal influence of the latter was far more grounded in reality and his name was Herbert Spencer. Radio four listeners could improve their minds with a slim volume of his entitled Man Versus the State -they are in sore need of it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Evil Cancer of Islam in the UK

There is so much lying in the media going on about the muslim suicide bombers of London. The constant reiteration of 'shock' at the news that the bombers are home grown muslims fromLuton etc. Like that is a surprise as it is widely reported that 3000 of them are al queda trained and are wandering our streets with British passports.

They should all be deported immediately as they are British in name only. Who cares if they were born here - if a cat is born in a kennel does that make it a dog?

The media is now filling every studio debate with these 'British Muslims' and they are all mealy mouthed apologists for terrorism,half condeming such acts and then making excuses for them. One cleric on ch 4 was asked twice by Jon Snow if he knew muslims in this country were planning attacks would he alert the authorities and he flatly refused to answer.

The reason the police were able to track the killers down so swiftly proves that they already knew them as suspects but for reasons of political correctness had not arrested them. This is an outrage.

All muslims in Britain are potential suicide bombers and for this reason the whole Muslim so called community should be deported and the country cleansed of their evil presence. There is no moderate muslim as it is now revealed that one of the suicide bombers openly bragged about his al queda connections to his friends and not one reported him.

It is clear that the UK intervened on the wrong side in Yugoslavia and should not have intervened on behalf of the muslims. This encouraged them in their hegemonistic fantasies as did Blair's appeasement of the IRA which led al queda to believe they can bomb their way into public office.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Islam -The Psychopathology of Evil

It is no secret that all sucides are cowards and that all suicides secretly wish to take others with them. Remember the scene in a Clint eastwood film when he climbs up a building to talk to a suicide who asks him to grab his hand and Eastwood replies (in so many words) 'no,you want to drag me with you' .

Why then do media pundits insist on referring to Islamic suicide bombers bravery,positing that it takes guts to go into a crowded thoroughfare and blow up yourself and everyone around you?

When you get a cult based on the worship of death the only response is to give it what it craves -total anhiliation. You cannot parley with it,pander to it,negotiate with it,appease it or humour it as we have attempted to do in the UK with our tiptoeing around Islam,our PC pieties of multiculturalism and enactment of 'hate laws protecting the most hate fuelled-filled religion on earth.

On Thursday in London the chickens came home to roost. The total deIslamification of the UK must now begin.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Evil Muslim Scum. London Bombing:the true ugly face of Islam

We were all kind of waiting for it -it was only a matter of time when the muslim scum in our midst would launch a cowardly attack against the soft centre of London killing and maiming innocent people in a carnage of destruction. Now it has come and the whole country will show these evil Islamists an unbowed and united front.

The prophet Enoch Powell was correct in saying that the unfettered immigration of the 60's and 70's would lead to this - we were, he asserted, like a people busily heaping up our own funeral pyre. He was mocked at the time but has been proved right in the most devastating and horrific way.

Mass deportation of all Muslims must now be the agenda,for like the Nazis they are, the concept of 'moderate Muslims' is now exposed as a monstrous absurdity.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gelofofian Hyperbollicks Part 2 (or3)

If they paid people for spouting melifluous nonsense 'Sir' Bob would be on top dollar.

The only mesage the free world needs to embrace re Africa - the Heart of Darkness - is: Don't Feed the Beast.

As the Black Hitler Mogabe rampages through what is left of Rhodesia so called Zimbabwe ethnically cleansing as he goes, Sir Bob is silent as the night,and that is what most of Africa is - benighted killing fields, a giant black hole of semi civilized petty horror States murdering killing and eating one another, worshipping Voodoo zombie Gods and wallowing in self inflicted filth.

The only reason tens of thousands of people are gathered in Hyde Park and other venues across the world is to partake of some classic rock acts not least of them being The Who, Pink Floyd, Elton, etc. These giant egos may be up themselves and spout their pious cant but basically we listen to the music -the rest is delusional self indulgence.