Friday, January 13, 2017

Tristram and Jeremy, Brother's Under the Skin

One of the most telling commentaries of New Labour is how accommodating and aquiescent it has been to the Corbyn Project all the way along  opposing it purely and only on tactical grounds not moral intellectual ones. The most it has said re Jeremy is he cannot win an election not that his views are poisonous and toxic and socialism is an evil collectivist creed. They are just terrified that they will be out of office with all its emoluments and prestige that goes with it if Corbyn remains the leader,there is nothing whastsoever principled about the New Labourite's anathametising of Jeremy.

Tristram Hunt's departure illustrates the opportunism and cynicism of New Labour on steroids. He moves to another State institution, The Victoria and Albert Musuem because he has read the runes and thinks he will not be part of a Labour government under Jeremy, although as I have said I think he could well be wrong about that butt here has been no substantial criticism of Corbyn's socialism from him or any of the other time serving New Labour members. This can only mean that they agree with his goals but just think he has been inept in articualting them so starkly and frightening the horses. If this is not the case and they truly oppose his ideolgy then their silence on this matter has been  all the more reprehensible and despicable. Either way it is not a good look.

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