Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Democracy or Liberty

It is no truism to say that Democracy leads to demagoguery as the alarming developments across the atlantic amply illustrate. People are becoming dimly aware that something is not quite right to say the very least with democracy, that it is throwing up disturbingly illiberal elements that pose a direct existential threat to their liberties and imperiling their lives as free citizens. Donald the sinister clown has actually - albeit unwitttingly - performed a very useful service in alerting people to the dangers of unfettered democracy in stiring up a mob mentality that can only lead to a totalitarian conclusion. Now the debate can be had about democracy and how it can deprive people of the very things is purports to defend and how it represents the biggest threat to individual rights,the very thing the Constitution was devised to protect. The fact that it has failed dismally in this regard suggests its deeply flawed nature and the need to return to first principles to correct its errors and omissions that has led to this calamitious pass. The fact that the Establishment blob is terrified that people will start such a debate is the clearest and most compelling reason why it should be had and not a minute too soon as freedom itself is drinking in the last chance saloon.

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