Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Into the Political Mystic

It has been observed that Corbyn attracts a cult like following among his young, State 'educated' base. A cult of non personality in his case clearly but there can be no denying the cultic aspects of the Corbyn trajectory where emotion has been the prime mover in what is an age of emotion where feelings have supplanted reason in the irrationality of groupthink.

As I have pointed out socialism has its roots in religion and mysticism so it is hardly surprising that its highpriest commands a god like following where the incantation of a few trigger words puts his audience into a mystic trance of reverence as if the mere utterance of key words will have the power to transform reality and make one and three.

The whole economic system can be turned on its head, the laws of cause and effect reversed, whim and caprice can govern human action, wishes can come true at the chanting of mantras and mindless empty slogans such as equality, fairness, people's democracy, people's vote, for the few not the many words take on magical properties, the power to emote can bring things into being and behind all the mysticism of course is the brute force of the state ready and more than willing, nay relishing the prospect of using all the coercive tools of the state to bully intimidate  impose such new realities on any reluctant heretics who may question the logic of the programme, raise objections, invoke such irksome things as freedom, liberty, individual rights, private property. These can be Gulaged as one Momenturm member suggested for reprogramming and the recanting anti social tendencies, of daring to question the Leader and challenge his supreme powers to mystically divine the will of the people and carry it out.

The happy clappy evangelism of the Labour conference, the glassy eyed adherents and the athomosphere of hysteria, cult of personality reverence mixed with anger rage directed towards the anti christ tories was a sinister spectacle and makes perfect sense once that connection between socialism and mysticism is made.

From human allegiance to God Almighty to State Almighty, from Church to State is hardly progress but merely a substitution of one tyranny for another. Only when Statecraft is rejected as comprehensively as priestcraft has now been will man properly be said to have escaped the dark night of the soul and recaptured his inalienable autonomy as a free thinking acting self interested individual with the state as his servant, protecting his rights rather than violating them in the name of some mystic altruistic common good which leads to slave camps, concentration camps and Gulags.

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