Wednesday, September 26, 2018

From the furthest reaches of Outer Corbania...

Corbania  is a foreign country, they do things differently there. Retro 70's and 80 its the land that time forgot but you could experience time travel today at the Labour (Macht Frei) conference, where socialism in aspic has been preserved for all those who like to take collectivism neat, undiluted by time, reality, and the exigencies of policy.

Even in 1984 they only managed 5 minutes of hate, here it went on for over an hour. There was not a left wing cliche lifted out of the socialist handbook that was left unsaid, not a caricature or stereotype of the Conservatives that was not presented, this was 5th form stuff knockabout politics rancid and self parodying, Pavlovian and puerile, a 60 minute grudge-fest and virtue signalling orgy.

Fantasy politics that could become a  reality? Nitemare on Corbyn st coming to a town near you? Is there a known antidote? If all that stands between us and Corbyn in Downing st is the absurd figure of Theresa May who has managed to turn Brexit into a squalid abortion of betrayal and treachery then we all have cause to lie awake at night in fear and trembling. Just form an orderly queue at the Passport Office.


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