Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Happy Not Clappy

Don't whoop holler or clap at a Manchester university -you may disturb the autistic and the deaf! Just wave your hands about like they do in deaf school -jazz hands its called apparently.Yes the bats have got into the belfry.

If society is to be predicated on the needs and requirements of the defective and subnormal and those with exotic food allergies where does that leave the rest of us, the normal majority? Make way for the cripples and the disabled!

It's more virtue signalling of course. Look how virtuous we are in turning the whole world upside down to cater to and accommodate the special few who are to be elevated to a higher status by dint of their abnormalities.

It's sinister really, a sort of inverted eugenics is at work where the fit and able are to be sacrificed to the unfit and disabled. Crippling the able is the left's game -the ultimate  egalitarianism. It is animated by a spirit of hatred for the fit and a desire to drag it down - pure nihilism in other words.

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