Thursday, September 27, 2018

End to Prohibition

Law enforcement is so busy trying to protect people from harming themselves they have forgotten their sole function of protecting them from harm caused by others. Prohibition re drugs is a hangover from the days when the church in conjunction with the state saw its role as attempting to save souls but those days are long gone and the state should return to its proper and only function of fighting crime not people's personal habbits.

Prohibition and we speak of drugs here is an extension of the welfare state where the nannying knows no bounds and personal choice and habbits are now being -policed by the state with catastrophic consequences for society, policing and the preservation of a stable polity.

All drugs without exception that is to say legal and illegal including prescription drugs should be freely available on the high street and all retail outlets to anyone over the age of 18 with the same procedures to ensure such as obtains with the sale  of alcohol.

The state should not seek to muscle in on this free market supply and demand process with taxation or regulation, least of all be the purveyor and dispenser of said drugs as some eager Liberal supporters of decriminalization opportunistically advocate with an eye on the rich pickings from taxed revenue in a nationalized drug industry.

The above is not to in anyway advocate the use of such drugs as they clearly have no medicinal value and are taken for recreational purposes and some can be seriously harmful to the drug taker but decriminalization is based on the inalienable right of individuals to make such choices themselves and not have their actions circumscribed by a meddling authoritarian and invasive state which principle is one of the fundamental bulwarks of liberty.

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