Sunday, October 14, 2018

What Trump should say to the British People

My fellow Brits, forgive this breach of protocol as I know it is a well established principle that a prsident does not interfere directly in an ally's internal political affairs but I feel I have to break with such observances for I have to tell you in all earnestness I do not like what I am seeing from your once I regret to say  great country. Reluctant though I am to express the following thoughts I feel I have no choice when I see the disturbing trajectory you are on politically. The thought of a Corbyn government feels me frankly with horror and incredulity such that I find it hard even to utter these words a Corbyn government without an ominous and profound sense of consternation and revulsion

What on earth are the British people thinking of? In the last election your Theresa May only barely scrapped through ahead of an avowed Marxist, a malevolent miserable pathetic excuse of a human being who has sidled up to every monstrous regime he could find that was against Britain and its interests and by extension ours too. He is an anti semite, a proud supporter of vile fascistic arabic states and leaders, terrorist outfits, racist and malign, supported idreologically the old soviet union and as it has been revealed that the old Labour leader and extreme leftist Michael Foot was supplying information to the soviets it is inconceivable that Corbyn was not up to the same with his rabid Marxist ideology to say nothing of his despicable soft speaking sidekick John Mcdonnel with his sinister studied calmness and pathological hatred of freedom and the only system that guarantees it capitalism.

Though it pains me to say it if this vile crew of Stalinists is elected in to power Great Britain will from that moment be regarded by our country as a foe not an ally. The Special relationship which has been cultivated over generations will die an instant death the moment those sinister characters
 walk across the threshold of 10 and 11 downing st.

How can the United States maintain normal traditional relationship with a country that is hostile to freedom and liberty and the capitalist system as compromised as it has become over the decades with creeping mixed economy programmes and policies which even our country has sadly not been immune to?

But this would represent a violent break even with that as it threatens the UK with mass institutionalized emmiseration and  and impoverishment on the scale of what is taking place in Venezuela right now which the leftist media has studiously avoided reporting on.

America may end up having to set up another Marshall Plan after Corbyn has finished with your country. If it is asked to provide the means for the overthrow of such a dictatorial monstrous communist cabal my country will not hesitate to come to your assistance as we did the last time Great Britain was threatened by an extreme socialist enemy.We will do everything in our power to stop a Corbyn government from destroying the UK but you can avoid such an outcome by coming to your senses and not voting in such a freedom and liberty hating hobgoblin in the first place.

The decision is yours and I can only hope -and indeed pray were I not a proud atheist that that the British electorate after staring and peering over the abyss wisely and prudently step back and go in the opposite direction. You need a Maggie to provide you with such inspiration but alas you only have a May who does not seem to have any principles whatever, good or bad but she is still a million times preferable to Corbyn so please hold your noses and vote for her again if she is still standing at the next election and then after that see if you can find someone of moral calibre which your political scene is sadly lacking at this moment.

Regards, US President 

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