Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Scots (Not) Missed

If Scotland wants independence from the UK why does it continue to take handouts in the form of English tax funded welfare to the scots in the form of the notorious Barnet Formula? Should the SNP not come clean with its electorate and acknowledge the debt of gratitude it owes to the English with its endless dole to their Scottish dependencies but of course in time honoured fashion Scotland bites the hand that feeds it.

Now it is in search of another sugar daddy in the form of Brussels. Good luck with that one. It will be hitching its wagon to a fallen star as the European continent is about to be engulfed in a tidal wave of fascistic nationalism with its truculent members straining at the Brussels leash and about to bring about the dissolution of the whole shooting match which will take  EU sucker down -and the Scots with it.

Some Independence anyway as Scotland seeks to tie its self to Brussels apron strings. It's about time turgid Sturgid talked turkey to her turkey like electors about to vote for Christmas if they ever get the chance.

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