Monday, October 01, 2018

Welcome to the Red Tory Conference

In which insignificant nobodies fight futile personality battles and a Remainoid 'leader' attempts to shove her Bremain Chequers deal down the gullets of recalcitrant members and collectivist policies are trumpetted as an alternative to the ultimate Red Labourite Corbyn and his fellow Marxists who smell victory -by default and secretly give praise to May and her red tories for paving the way for his effortless ingress into 10 Downing st.

Its not as if the tories are betraying any values or principles and have just recently become ideologically corrupt and amoral. They never had any principles to betray in the first place. That is their tragedy, and by extension the country's as well.

How much ruin is in a nation -how long have we left? One prominent tory columnist was predicting recently that the tories could be in the wilderness for the next 15 years but it is hard to see how the country could survive 5 years of Corbyn let alone any longer. Of course the tories have been in the wilderness for the longest time -it is hard to know when the moral intellectual deline began -it has a Chequered history and one I confess to be not fully conversant with, only recalling the Thatcher glory years with any clarity.

The Objectivist Millwallian chant -'everybody hates us and we don't care' may be all well and good but unless I have missed it their ingress into the polity and culture has yet to even begin. Holy shit, its hard to see how Western culture can survive much longer of the present garbage unless I am mis reading the whole thing? But when not one single person is speaking up in the whole political field, not one commentator, one champion of freedom how can one be anything other than despondent and pessimistic?

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