Saturday, October 13, 2018

A British Constitution

Government shall pass no laws or acts abridging people's freedom; freedom of speech inalienable, no laws restricting it such as blasphemy laws recast as hate crimes or hate speech

Government shall have no tax raising powers

Freedom of the press shall be guaranteed, no state control or regulation  of the media - no state broadcaster -Bbc privatised

There shall be a Separation of Church and State (disestablishment)

There shall be an immediate dissolution of the monarchy

Abolition of 2nd chamber, House of Lords as unconstitutional

Abolition of the Welfare State and also to  to include areas of health, education, transport, the Arts, sport, culture, media, unemployment, social security, childcare, adult social care and housing -immediate selling off of all social housing stock including housing associations, cessation of all government house building programmes

Privatisation of all public spaces, selling of all public land, forests,national parks,roads streets, motorways, waterways etc, abolition of greenbelt and the successive Town and Country acts restricting building.

Abolition of Eminent Domain -Compulsory Purchase Orders

Privatisation of fire services

Separation of Economy and State, free banking -  re privatisation of Bank of England

Government shall have no regulatory powers over trade industry and business or engage in any form of' partnership' with business such as obtains in the statist construct of the mixed economy.

Prohibition laws regarding consumption of drugs repealed

Government shall impose no protectionist tarriffs on imported goods -abolition of all import export controls bar for issues of national security and the checking of those with communicable diseases or suspected terrorists

Government shall form and create no 'quasi' autonomous bodies -Quangos and all such, without exception, to be abolished

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