Thursday, October 11, 2018

China's Cure for Islam

A million muslims in camps being programmed out of their Islamic faith! It's an ambitious audacious project but you have to admire the Chinese for attempting it. Of course it is shocking and totally against objectivist principles, the state involving itself in personal matters of faith and belief but we live in parlous times and is the West's approach to the Islamic menace so much better?

Here we shrug our shoulders and allow muslims to run our prisons and brainwash fellow criminals with Islamic propaganda. The Chinese have looked at the West's approach and its hardly surprising that they were not impressed. If a country has a death wish it would make sense but China does not and it is besieged with an islamic threat of its own and is not about to passively acquiesce in its downfall.

And look at the self confidence and optimism of its belief in transforming transgressive minds - an amazing self confidence that we in the West are sorely lacking and the irony is we have far more to be self confident about than China if we only knew it, with its bleak amoral communist ideology and even its Confucian philosophy as good as it is in parts cannot compete or compare with the enlightenment pro reason values of liberty and individual rights that is the bedrock of Western civilization. All of that lost in our anti reason multicultural political correctness that has engulfed our culture and eviscerated it.

No, the Chinese are to be commended in their intentions if not perhaps in the mass incarceration but I do find it preferable to  the West's morally invertebrate approach and its craven  surrender to nihilism across the board including Islam which could end up posing an existential threat to it if it does not become robust in defending its glorious heritage pretty sharpish.

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