Sunday, October 28, 2018

Phillip Green. Victim of Hate Crime?

Why do people hate Phillip Green?There is anti semitism lurking in there somewhere but chiefly it is because he has had the effrontery to be incredibly successful and that is not tolerated by the pseudo intelligentsia and the culture at large. That is the unforgivable sin.

Be on welfare, be a moocher and you will be valorised but dare to succeed and you will be demonized.

If you put a foot wrong your character will be assassinated  from both  left and the right proving yet again that there is no essential difference between the  two and never was.

A nurse can be responsible for killing dozens of patients in the NHS and not receive anything like the vitriol and hate that Green has received over the years.

In this age obsessed with hate speech it seems there is  one group of people who are exempted from such protection absurd and foolish as it is and yes, its the evildoers, the producers and businessmen, for whom it is permanent open season. 

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