Friday, October 05, 2018

Green eyed monster

There was a time when the Left used to excoriate capitalism for not producing enough stuff for the poor but when this proved a blatant canard it switched tack and now it is bemoaning that capitalism creates too much stuff and will it kindly stop it before it destroys the planet.

 This is the latest green message at its party conference and the government is also asking ( beware when government asks companies to do anything as it is invariably the kind of asking you cannot refuse) companies like Primark to come up with ways to produce less stuff because its fabric particles get into the water system and will cause a eco armageddon.

So poor people can go hang now can they since they will be the victims of this anti growth anti producing ideology as cheap products will no longer be available in the shops to cut down on our carbon footprints but it will at least enable the greenies to virtue signal as they destroy the capitalist system which is their obvious and clear ambition.

A journalist asked one of its spokeswomen if they would consider joining the Labour party now that it is so far to the left but she declined presumably because Corbyn is not left enough for them but he was right to identify their Marxist inclinations and such is where their toxic anti life ideology would lead us were enough gullible voters to be tempted by the greeny siren call.

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