Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Cometh the hour.....

It's a long standing fact that the only truth ever uttered in tory conference season is on the fringes and so it proved to be yesterday with an impassioned barnstorming performance by Borris - (if your'e tired of Johnson you are tired of life).

Of course the media tried to downplay it but it blew Theresa May away in a devastatingly powerful performance with all the Johnson vim and vigour with the combination of levity, gravitas, genuine anger and surgical assault on all the villains of the piece from Corbyn Hammond May, Brexit betrayal, tory weakness and vacillation,treachery the whole gamut of evils swatted away like irksome flies.

Borris is a freak within the tory party as he actually believes in something, is passionate about it and it is manifest in every move and gesture and of course he is an orator and can move crowds with his words.

Most tories are dogmatic pragmatists, stubborn in their wrong rather than their right. They will go to the barricades for pragmatism and moderation  but in an age when the conflict is clearly between good and evil, an existential fight, this is worse than useless, it is complicity with that evil and the only beneficiaries will be the  fascist left that has taken over the Labour party and is beginning to feel confident that the prize of power will soon be theirs -by dint of nothing more than tory default.

Tories will not be soon forgiven for that and the only good that could come out of this whole debacle is the breakup and dissolution of the tory party altogether and the emergence of a non statist right party that does not feel the need to tack to the left in a Corbyn lite caricature but will stoutly defend liberty and the small state.

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