Friday, September 28, 2018

The Invisible Hand of the State

The workings of the market - in as far as there is a market anymore are far more transparent than the workings of the state so Adam Smith was half right.

For obscurantism, cloak and dagger opaqueness look to the state for in its Byzantine Kafkaesque circumlocutions, its evasive language, its obsfuscations and coded language - it is the very embodyment of invisibility itself.Government bureaucracy is vast and its workings are  as translucent as a murky swamp.

Do government agents come up to you in the street and say the following, 'Mr jones, we understand you are earning above average income and we wish to take a large percentage of your income to redistribute to more worthy recipients -ie those who have not earned it and whose helplessness and fecklessnes is a claim on your life so please pay up now'?

They do no such thing. The invisible hand of the state swoops down and filches said money from your bank account, or the state forces your employer to do it for them turning business into a tax collecting agency for the state that is too gutless to do the larceny itself thus implicating business in the felony.

Nothing is seen, it is done in the dead of night. Government uses coercion, intimidation, threats, bullying towards any who may have the temerity to object to this state looting by stealth. The invisible hand of the state is strangling the life out of business and entrepreneuralism and it does it secretly, covertly, like a thief in the night, skulking in the shadows.

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