Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Atheist but believe in the Paranormal?

Sorry, No! The bbc radio 4 prog wants people to think that circle can be squared and seemed to take some pleasure in trying but it is nonsense on its face. But why would they even want to try you may ask gentle reader?

Atheism requires the paramountcy of reason and the left fears this -and rightly so. Once people start embracing reason there is no telling where it will lead. They will begin to question possibly secular forms of unreason like collectivism or am I being too optimistic? Maybe..

For atheism denotes non belief in God -it leaves open a whole vast field of things someone who is an atheist could believe in but surely what it must preclude is the realm of un reason ie religion,faith, mysticism, the supernatural or heaven forefend the paranormal.

Thus some woman who was identifying as (as they say these days) an atheist was recounting with all earnestness her paranormal experiences. No! Does not compute. God is to include all supernatural experiences including th paranormal. Nice try stupid bbc -but sorry -she was no atheist.

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