Friday, October 05, 2018

Trans People and the Age of Subjectivism

There is an identity crisis. A is no longer A. It could be B or C or whatever you choose. The law of identity is dead. It has been supplanted by the Law of feelings and subjectivism. Objective reality? Are you kidding? The German philosophers two hundred years ago disproved that nonsense.

So here we are. Gender fluidity, men walking into female toilets and changing rooms because they 'identify' as women. The Left is eating itself over this one with gay groups castigating Stonewall for defending this insanity. So something good has come of it at least.

We have now moved into an Age of Non Identity politics,  Ickean politics. Shape-shifting reptiles are walking among us!

It is now pretty much illegal to boldly assert the law of identity -to assert that A is A. You are offending those who believe it is b or c. Acknowledge the Kantian universe or pay a heavy price!

An assertion of the arbitrary and an insistence of it enforced by law is the ultimate totalitarianism which of course was the goal of the post modernist left all along and those chickens have now come home to roost.

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