Sunday, September 30, 2018

Theresa May to Finally Challenge Corbyn

-By putting forth socialist proposals and policies of her own! Announcements include telling parents how long their children should be on 'social media'. (Note incidentally how the technological internet revolution has been reduced to a  collectivist statist characterization -'social media' for as we know unless a word has 'social' in front of it it has not been sanctified and legitimized by the leftists who dominate public discourse and set the terminology and definitions.

The state is loco (literally!) parentis so why on earth shouldn't it dictate such things to the infantilized parents in this Brave New World  of universal collectivism?

I cannot even remember the other policies that were announced but all had the dreary, paternalist tory socialist imprimatur on them so it's now official -there is to be no opposition to the Marxist Corbyn Government in Waiting which is what it now clearly is.

Like a ship slowly sailing towards an iceburg the tory ship of state sails blithely on as the country resigned to its fate prepares to go under the hammer and sickle.

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