Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Things that Annoy me

People who talk on their phones in public. People who ride their bikes on the pavement. People who ride their bikes on the road - I fervently hope they will be crushed under th wheels of a 4by4.  People who give their pets human names. People who let their dogs urinate on park benches -esp if I am sitting there. (If a person urinated against a bench they would be arrested but apparently dogs doing it is ok). People who tell you that theirs is a rescue dog. People with grating voices, to include accents, scottish,welsh, yorkshire etc. Radio 4 - full of whining bitter and twisted middle class wimmin feminists riding their collectivist hobby horses -public service propaganda -an endless pitch for government solutions to everything, North Korea  style. That's it really, I'm an easy going kind of person as you can see.

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