Thursday, September 27, 2018

Political Transgenderism

In a mixed economy culture everything is merging and melding it everything else! Gender is fluid -they claim but so too is political ideology. Which would explain why no far right party or movement has emerged to challenge the far left Labour party. Not that the media will refer to Corbyn as far left of course. He is apparently a Social Democrat. John Mcdonnel will no doubt soon hold out an olive branch to David Owen and Shirley Williams in the la la land the media inhabits.

Now why would there be a vacuum from where the far right would presumably have emerged in response to Corbyn. You do not need a multiple choice exam system to figure it out: They share the identical ideology!

Gobalisation? Both left and right oppose it with equal vehemence. Free movement of people so immigrants can take low skilled jobs in the UK? They both oppose it. Defence of the NHS? Both extremes love the NHS. And so it goes. The tribalism of the left is equalled by the tribalism of the right. Protectionism? They both love it. The mystical tribalism of left and right runs thru their ideology, whether it be race with the right or class and gender of the left -they are united in collectivism and statism.

The right loathe and detest when this is pointed out as they are hoping no one will notice and just vote on tribal lines for them.

The public deserve a choice between the statists of left, right and  centre and those few arguing for a limited state and the protection of individual rights against the  depredations of statism  from all its above mentioned incarnations. 

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