Sunday, October 28, 2018

Remainers the EU's odd bedfellows

Why would the remainoids be fighting desperately for the UK to remain a member of what is fast becoming a union of crypto fascist states? With one country after the other being taken over or challenged by virulent nationalist xenophobic parties within the EU it is ill sorted to say the least that the liberal defenders of the EU want Britain to remain within this federation of nascent European  fascists.

Have they not read the writing on the wall or are they politically illiterate or so crazed and enamoured of the concept of the EU that they haven't noticed what an ugly illiberal conglomeration of nationalist states it now morphed into?

So much for the EU being a bulwark against fascism. Now that it's raison d etre has been  comprehensively negated by current events should it not European liberals remove their imprimatur from this doomed endeavour?

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