Sunday, October 07, 2018

May Outs herself as a Red

Quelle surprise. May is whoring around for Labour votes, appealing to disillusioned Labour voters who find Corbyn too much to take -she doesn't say why, and here's why. She shares his views -she cannot, will not and has not repudiated socialism and its tenets that he represents, she just hopes Labour voters will see Corbyn as weird and  anti semitic.

So the most extreme Labour leader ever is about to become prime minister and a tory PM has nothing to say about it.

What does she offer these estranged Labour voters? Moderation and patriotism.

Moderate what -statism? Apparently. And we all know what appeals to patriotism means. Empty bromides, a moral vacuum where an ideology should be.

The electorate have been conned and its been going on a long time. Until a small state anti mixed economy pro liberty and freedom party emerges we are going to be left choosing between 5 variants of statism and that apparently is democracy. 

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