Saturday, September 29, 2018

Food Allergen Hysteria?

Something is wrong about this story re Pret and the girl who died eating one of its products. If she had food allergens why was she not more careful? Could she not prepare food at home and not eat out -especially if unsure of the ingredients of the food she was eating/

Retailers surely cannot be expected to cater to those with abnormal eating disorders and allergens and it is their responsibility to exercise judgement in this matter which she clearly did not.

There is now a witchhunt against Pret, a sort of food fascism Mccarthyism that is ugly and that the media should fan this irrational behaviour and hysteria is appalling.

The politicians are riding the bandwagon as they can always be counted upon to do, forever on the lookout for yet more opportunities to regulate and control everything. The food labelling business is already way out of control and is responsible for higher food prices as who do you think pays for the excessive labelling of foods anyway?

It makes you wonder how people survived before such labeling was introduced and it speaks to a national neurosis and health food obsession where food has become yet one more vehicle for public displays of virtue signalling, where one's inner purity is expressed in the food one consumes which also links to old religious habits of seeking purity through strict dietary  regimens.

Finally I cannot help thinking that there is an element of neurosis in food allergies themselves, a way of attention seeking although of course as we have seen it can be real and genuine but there ma well be an emotional psychological element to the phenomena that needs exploring.

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