Monday, October 15, 2018

Welfare in Aspic

Governments come and go but welfare endures. Like all the other philosophical crap the West has absorbed welfare came from the Germans with Bismarx. German may well have been defeated on the battle grounds of the 1st and 2nd world wars but there is n doubt that it is the philosophical political ideological victor of the 20th century right up to today.

Kant, Marx, Hegel Heidigger et all -thanks a bunch, their malign influence hangs like a dark toxic cloud over European polities across the piece and let us not forget their darkest hour -the construction of the EU monolith which as most observers recognize re the EU is merely the continuation of German hegemony by other means.Hitler first outlined the blueprint for a united europe.

Now thankfully Germany is a busted flush politically as hey ho they are embracing Fascism again! and Merkel star has waned but back to welfare.

The tories have accommodated Welfare right from the get go bar some stout but almost solitary and ultimately futile resistance from the tory prophet Churchill who once again was warning the British people about the dangers of socialism but once again they turned a deaf ear and we have been paying the price ever since. What did Churchill say vis a vis socialism in England? That it would require a Gestapo to enforce it. Howls of outrage from the Left who never wanted it pointed out that the German Nazis were socialists -the clue was in th name national socialist party.

Now we have government agents and operatives telling us what to say, think,feel, eat, drink,behave, policing our words governing every aspect of our existence. If it waddles like a a gestapo, quacks like a gestapo...

Speeches from both Hitler and Goebelles testify to their affinity and direct allegiance with socialist principles but these were inconvenient truth for the left socialists who prevailed.

Fast forward to today and the kindly but deluded Ian Duncan Smith who attempted to finesse a reformed Welfare State and its the same story -the tories cast in the craven role of making socialism work and getting brickbats for their troubles.

Managerial socialism and welfare is what the tories have always posited post '45 bar a short period when Thatcher wielded the handbag and pushed back the socialist frontiers a few hundred yards but now all that ground will be retaken and extended thru Corbyn with the help of the pink tories and Welfare remains, unchallenged at its socialist egalitarian altruist roots and more a drain than ever on creativity, enterprise, freedom and liberty.

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