Thursday, September 27, 2018

Robert Halfon - Despicable human being

Tory minister Robert Halfon is not only physically disabled but mentally disabled too. I predicted tories would not critique Corbyn but I never anticipated at least one of their number would tweet support for him and come on radio 4  on PM prog saying tories should emulate Corbyn and create social programmes for the poor, wittering on about the unfair society ad nauseam. He should be deselected and told to f### off to the Labour party where he belongs.

This pond life and pathetic excuse for a human being used to be a Thatcherite and even admired Ayn Rand but now is reduced to this treacherous behaviour and has gone truly native advocated bigger government and saying tories must be even more like labour than they are already. If they lose the next election it will be because of human detritus like Halfon. Get the sickbag.

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