Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Mixed economy Blues -and Reds?

Corbyn made an extraordinary comment amidst his socialist rant at the Labour conference last week, absurdly characterizing his state takeover of the economy and business as 'real mixed economy'. Makes you wonder what he thinks we have now which by any definition is socialism with at best a dash of capitalism.

But is he proferring a mixed economy? It is nationalization disguised by the introduction of regionalized government agencies, mini soviets, an illusory diffusioin of centralized power into a Maoist localism first mooted by Cameron whose effects will be every bit as deleterious as the Soviet nationlization of industry and business from the '45 Labour government.

Now is surely the time to challenge the mixed economy model from a libertarian position since the Marxists have taken control of Labour - everything should now be on the table ideologically. Do not expect any such thing from the tory conference, just more feeble, half hearted, apologetic defence of capitalism hedged in with buts and provisos, damning with faint praise and the use of such coy evasive terminology as '21st century capitalism' '- ie a diluted, effete, eviscerated, mixed economy compromised, bastardized, emasculated, hideously deformed, hollowed out caricature of capitalism in name only.

And still the yawning chasm where a new politics and ideology should be remains, a windswept landscape unpopulated, barren and bare.

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