Sunday, October 28, 2018

Greener than Thou

The Greens will devour themselves! The latest here in Kent is a protest against wait for it: a Solar Power plant. Apparently it will interfere with the natural habitat salt marshes and the lesser spotted tit no doubt.

When it comes to virtue signalling of course the Greens are in a class of their own -middle class whining Niabys -not in anyone's backyard. They will not be happy tll the whole human race has extinguished itself and left planet earth to its natural pre human state -theirs is the misanthropy that dare not speak its name, with some added nihilism thrown into the toxic mix.

Greenies are old Marxists who never die, just mutate and reinvent themselves hoping no one will notice their base motives or am I complimenting them undeservedly for having an ideology when in fact they are too irrational even for that?

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