Sunday, October 28, 2018

Irish stick it to the Roman Catholic Church (again)

God is a maniac! Stephen Fry is vindicated. You can lampoon the evil church without now having your collar felt. It's hard to believe such battles are still being fought in the 21st century but such is the evil power held by the church. The Irish have spoken and told the church where to put its evil blasphemy laws in their referendum. Rome wasn't sacked in a day, it took a little longer but bravo to the Irish as they hammer another nail in the Church of satan's coffin.

We should follow suit and abolish our blasphemy laws deviously  euphemised as 'hate thought crime.Religion will not go quietly into its  night but rages against the dying of its evil lights -it has to be forced into giving up it nefarious powers as it is still attempting to silence those who would dare to challenge its absurdities, lies and the giant hoax upon mankind it has perpetrated down the ages.

A nice competition to see who can draw the funniest and most obscene pictures of Mohumud piss be upon him would be a start.We must be able to make fun of religion and its evil hold on mankind, it's pretensions and absurdities and not allow it to continue intimidating people into silence with its threats and bullying.This is just a start hopefully and will embolden people to take on religion and its authoritarian totalitarianism once and for all.

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