Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Why are so many businessmen Leftists?

The mixed economy is as marriage made in hell between business and politics but it is an arranged marriage with one party, the hapless businessman corralled into it, in  an effective involuntary servitude, like an invitation by the mafia one cannot refuse.

Politics gets the vicarious kudos of having the businessman's - albeit coerced - imprimatur and business gets the protection by the state from upstart rivals who are tied up in red tape and government bureaucracy of regulations which they themselves can negotiate exemptions from by pull and favour thru the corrupt lobby system.

Big business thus loves big government as it acts as a protector from rival competitors and it can gain some albeit perverse reflected glory by being associated with the government of the day and receiving official recognition.

Business therefor has to be leftist in order to survive and thrive under a mixed economy and should any business stick its neck out and argue for a small state with low taxation and regulation it will be singled out for special attention, become the target of highly vocal vilification, censure and persecution and will have inland revenue agents all over its business like a rash. Self preservation thus makes all business in the mixed economy Stockholm Syndrome Leftists.

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