Friday, September 28, 2018

When is Anti Globalisation Cool?

When the Left is expressing it. When Trump does it it becomes Isolationism! Of course round here we think globalization is cool and both the left and Trump are wrong. With the Left it is clear anti g means anti capitalism. With trump it is more confused. He does not like countries imposing tarriffs -so he imposes them. If you are opposed to cannibalism do you protest by practising cannibalism? You do if your name is Donald Trump and most of his supporters do not think such behaviour is in any way contradictory because they are as irrational and emotionalist as he is -he is their champion of the irrational.

Trump used the word globalism and I have yet to determine whether this means the same as globalization. On looking up the latter word of wiki it is very confusing so I looked up anti globalization and it all became very clear indeed.

The anti globalization left are anti neoliberalism ie anti free market , free trade. With his economic nationalism it is clear Trump shares some of the anti capitalism of the left but uses slightly different language to articulate it and this I will explore in a later post.

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