Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Who ARE the Far Right?

They are on the move the media tells us but  is their   characterization accurate or have they made a glaring omission? The latter I fear and am not sure it is wholly unintentional. They juxtapose the Far right with the Islamists -but why? Are not the Islamists the ultimate Far Right?

Look at the agendas of the Islamists for a few seconds and it becomes manifestly obvious that they are Far Right to the core. Misogyny? Tick Homophobia? Tick.Xenophobia -Racism? Tick. And of course let us not forget the gravest evil of the Far Right namely Anti semitism! Er, Tick Tick Tick. The only thing the Islamists do not have is: white skin. So, the argument on the left goes, they cannot possibly be Far Right!

This is the bbc line and it should be challenged head on. Islamists are the Far Right every bit as much as nay far more  than the Edl or their more virulent European equivalents who are apparently a grave threat according to latest statistics.

Frank Gardener the beeb correspondent could not seem to get his ducks in a row this morning on the Today prog as he started by saying there is a rise in violence from "the far right and far left. But a few minutes further into his commentary he reverted back to just the far right so there is some very dodgy journalism going on here as usual from the beeb.

From now on there should be pressure on the bbc to include Islamists in the category of the Far Right for no other group belongs there more than they do.

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