Tuesday, October 09, 2018


Concepts make the world go round! They don't exist as such but without them there would be no civilization. What amazes me about Ayn Rand is she says things you have never heard before but should have done. She talks about the very building blocks of civilization, things we should learn at our mother's knee or just after.

School teaches you what to think but not how to think. It tells you that thought is impotent, that one view is just as valid as another, that there is no objective truth, anything goes, one man's theory is as good as the next, feelings are paramount, there is no objective history just subjective history based on race, class, gender etc.

The individual is impotent, he must be subordinated to the group, tribe, sacrificed for the common good. Mysticism spiritual or secular is promoted and no critical thought is allowed towards a person's faith and beliefs for such would be a thought crime, hate crime.

Nothing is allowed beyond the perceptual level of consciousness, everything is random and arbitrary including all subjects on the curicula which are just a mishmash of concretes piled sky high to be memorized and parroted without any attempt to integrate or conceptualize.

Modern education via the state is a rape of the mind on all levels from kindergarten to university.A crippling of the cognitive faculties is the avowed but unspoken aim of the education establishment designed to create a passive bovine subject population who will vote for collectivist political parties to enslave and herd them ultimately into 21st century slave pens. Mass Corbinization can be the only outcome and there is no one standing between the people and their fate if there ever was.

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