Monday, October 01, 2018

5 Months without tv...

And not missing it a bit. 100 channels and nothing to watch. Tv is so bland and pc because it is a highly state regulated medium. Contrast it with the edginess of the internet, youtube. If you want an inkling of what youtube would look and sound like if the government ever got its hands on it and subjected it to  heavy handed oppressive regulation  just watch tv.

It is hardly surprising that the state would like to regulate the  internet as it is a threat to the preservation of its carefully cultivated and projected benign image. If there is to be an equivalent of a peasant's revolt it will come from the new digital arena which is why the state is on the look out for the slightest pretext to rein it in and clip its wings and will always use some spurious pretext to do so -the standard one being  the  protection of children.

It will use the language of fear, referring to the internet revolution and its architects as 'tech giants' a term taken up by old media as it sees its lunch being eaten by the new kids on the block.

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