Thursday, October 11, 2018

What do we owe Future Generations?

Nothing! They don't exist! You cannot owe the non existent anything hello! Man is not a self sacrificing animal to the living let alone to the yet to be born. What a monstrous proposition. Eat less meat! Consume less, your carbon footprint is too big, sacrifice for future generations. Bollocks! No!

The New Puritanism -Environmentalism. Last time it was Malthusianism and that was a monstrous lie too. Mortification of the flesh anyone? Surely you are not a denier? A heretic. Burn them at the stake -o you can't -it will cause pollution.

Religion is dead, long live environmentalism. It has exactly the same pieties, strictures, shibboleths, hectoring sermonizing, threats, imprecations, mythology and irrationalism and should be treated with the same contempt. It should be seen as every man's duty to up his meat consumption in direct defiance of the sustainability crowd, the anti growth zealots and eco doom mongers.

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