Thursday, October 04, 2018

Feminism v Women

I always start off feeling sympathetic and empathetic to women and their unfair treatment over the centuries but as soon as one of their self proclaimed representative feminists starts up that residual synmpatico quickly evaporates. Why are they so obnoxious, talking in prescribed stock phrases, exuding misandry from every pore?

They take a perfectly good case, a legitimate argument and turn it into something toxic and poisonous. Take the issue of sexual harrassment which no one can doubt has been a problem in the workplace and no doubt universities but their prescriptions are so draconian and prohibitive they would not be out of place in Orwell's 1984 in their sinister applications and implications. It's the anti sex league with government functionaries monitoring student's behaviour, the males having to go on courses to be instructed in how to comport themselves around female students.

Effectively the takeaway as they say these days is that men and women cannot coexist in any social space without rigorously enforced codes of behaviour and harsh sanctions for transgressors. Sexual McCarthyism stalks the corridors of academe and the workplaces too, a national hysteria and paranoia, a new puritanism positively Victorian in its rigid and hidebound applications.

Modern feminism has lost the plot and hopefuly there will be a backlash against it before too long or the population rate will plummet as men and women remain in their respective silos eyeing one another warily and suspiciously - which, some would say, is what feminists wanted to happen all along.

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