Tuesday, October 09, 2018

When is the State Illegitimate?

This is the problem I have for as far as I am concerned it becomes illegitimate the second it uses force and coercion against the citizens (or in the uk we would say subjects). That is to say whenever it imposes taxation on its citizens it loses all authority and moral legitimacy. So we have a problem Euston. Having sold the pass centuries ago on taxation it is very hard to take a stand this far down the line. People have been inured for centuries to taxation and have no leg to stand on now.

Still, force is force, coercion is coercion and a criminal act does not become moral because it has been committed a billion times or more.

A system embedded for millenia, entrenched down the ages, institutionalized as a norm, has a very
 powerful hold on its victims. Who can challenge custom and convention especially as it has taken on a moral dimension, woven into the philosophical fabric through the religiously instantiated concept of altruism, an unquestioned edict sanctified by centuries of rote tradition and conditioning, underpinned by practically every philosophical school since Plato with the honourable exception of Aristotle and Ayn Rand.

Even the non religious secular minded have taken on board the ideology of altruism if not in practice still as an agreed ideal to be aspired to if not fully realized. Until the altruist spell is broken and men assert their inalienable right to self determination, liberty, freedom from the arbitrary dictats of the state the slavery of statism will prevail and men will continue to be spiritual slaves and ultimatley physical ones as well as observe present trends.


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