Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Arab Nazi States are our Allies?

Why are we selling a long standing Islamafascist rogue state like Sordid Arabia WEAPONS and calling them our 'allies'? With friends like that who needs enemies. Could it be our wretched monarchy that has close ties to them for godonly knows what reason other than that's what monarchies do - mutually support their heinous crimes (ref history of the monarchy in Britain across the many centuries).

We expect nothing more from Mr expedience and pragmatist Trump when he argues that we cannot censure the Saudis because selling them weapons provides jobs for Americans but that the UK should be in bed with this truly monstrous regime that has been committing mass murder for decades simply beggars  belief.

Apparently many tory ministers have been bought by the Saudis and are mired in corruption and cronyism with the evil Sordid mullahs and actually have the brassneck to appear on the Bbc justifying their obscene posture and wheeling out a bizarre justification for their moral depravity and cupidity as follows: 'if we weren't selling them weapons other less scrupulous (?!) countries like Russia would be. If we weren't funding the Arab Nazis some other less scrupulous countries would be.

Don't you want to vomit all over such tory mps gentle reader s s s s?

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