Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pope Beatifies Communist priest

The head of the kiddie fiddling  Roman Catholic church has officially turned a Marxist El Salvadoran priest into a saint. Isn't that all you need to know about this obscene despicable death cult religion that holds tyrannical sway over a billion people across the globe and is responsible for the deaths of millions in its sick and depraved history and career of evil?

Communism/ catholicism hand in glove. The church sucked up to every totalitarian dictatorship in the 20th century and here it is turning a commie loving priest into a saint. Why would any decent self respecting person want anything to do with such an amoral institution? That's the power of mysticism, still holding people in thrall centuries after the horrifick nitemare of the Dark Ages has passed. Still the hold endures. The power of unreason reaches across the ages and centuries holding people in thrall to its irrationalist creed -seemingly forever.

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