Saturday, October 13, 2018

How to counter the Red Menace

There is a very real threat that Britain could fall under communist rule and dictatorship within the year aided and abetted by the weak amoral tories wrangling over Brexit, frustrating the will of the referendum electorate and thus letting in the Corbinistas by default.

This could be precluded by the adoption of the British Constitution as outlined below whereby no such Marxist assault on the polity could even get to first base as its policies would fly directly in the face of every tenet contained within it, violating core principles of liberty and individual rights, reducing the voters to feudal serfs working for the state in state run businesses,regulated and taxed to within an inch of their lives, run by local soviets in the guise of localism and decentralization, paid hoodlums from the ranks of the newly re empowered trade unions and the thugocracy of Momentum and its petty tyrants and hirelings.

Demagoguery would never get to first base and the British citizens would be protected by law from any such state encroachments, arbitrary rule and power thus making it impossible for any would be dictator to use majority rule as an excuse for mob rule, extortion, bribery, threats of violence and incarcerations for any who resist the powers of the state to curtail their freedom and strip them of their property rights and thus their lives.

With such a constitution in place a century ago the Welfare State would never have been born, a hideous statist monster with powers to plunder, rob, pillage, loot at will on an industrial scale, tyranny institutionlalized by dictat, at the point of a gun with all the force of the state to deprive citizens of their liberty in the name of the common good -nauseatingly and hypocritically, fantastically framed as a moral good, a virtuous enterprise, the sacrificing of all to all with quasi religious overtones got from the same philosophical religious root and base of altruism -from each according to his need and that need a claim on everyone's life, a system of human bondage, man reduced to a beast of burden, enslaved to a collectivist creed cut from the Christian creed of self sacrifice and crucifixion. A gross perversion and inversion of morality trumpetted to this very day as the ultimate moral good.

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