Friday, December 09, 2016

Sworded Arabia

Nauseating hypocrisy is the chief characteristic of British foreign policy and it gets no more depraved than the UK's sick relationship with the barbaric gulf States particularly Saudia Arabia.This barbaric sinister autocracy with its Royal family sitting atop the dung heap has close ties to the British monarchy and this totally corrupt association is a lasting and shameful stain on the British State and yet one more reason why our royals should be sent packing into the garbage can of  our dismal and dark history. Let us not forget it is not that long ago that our monarchy was beheading people right left and centre on an industrial scale on the slightest of pretexts and it is no doubt partly why it kow tows to Saudi Arabia and has such close ties with it as it looks upon its with wistful envy as a reminder of  the arbitrary totalitarian power it once wielded but  no longer thankfully does, but can still enjoy  by proxy when hobnobbing with the Saudi royals.

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest exporters of terrorism and was far more worthy of being taken out after 9/11 than Iraq as it was its homegrown terrorists that flew the planes into the twin towers not to mention the vast jihadist wahabist literature it disseminates globally which feeds the terrorist narrative.The very least we can do is withdrawal all diplomatic contacts with the country and stop selling it arms for godsake.But that would be to have a consistent logical and rational approach to foreign policy, a concept that is clearly alien to our sad to say, morally depraved British State.

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