Friday, November 18, 2016

This is what a real War on Drugs looks like

The Phillipines is run by a mad serial killer with genocide on his mind and hands. 3 thousand (or is it 4?) of drug related executions have been carried out by the State this year alone with the kind of homicidal rigour  that the arch crank and anti drug fanatic Peter Hitchens would no doubt be envious of. He has railed for years at the pusillaminous approach of the British State to the drug 'problem' and has mocked what he terms the so -called War on Drugs as being nothing of the sort but rather a soft liberal attitude of appeasement to the 'menace' of the drug culture. Makes you wonder what planet he is actually living on when you consider the tens of thousands of inmates clogging up our jails serving time for drug offences.I wonder what part of drug prohibition has been an unmitigated failure and disaster he does not get.

Even the Liberals who are right in calling for total drug legalisation are doing it for the wrong reasons and motivations which it must be said is their modus operandi across most issues.. Decriminalisation is not to be supported so the State can muscle in on the act and tax and regulate the drugs,nor in the name of any therapeutic benefit that may be derived from certain illegal drugs. It is because Prohibition is immoral and should be repealed for the plain reason that what people choose to ingest and inject or smoke is no one's business but theirs and the State does not own the individual's body and soul and has no business policing either one. The law's sole purpose is to protect people from the harm Others would do to them, not the harm they may do to themselves.

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